Meet Michelle, a real Lola lover

My name is Michele, I´m 32 and live with my dog in a small village just outside Hobro, Denmark.
I am a early retiree because of my Autism diagnosis and fibromyalgia.
I love to go to flea markets and car shows. I have a vintage caravan named Betty and sometimes borrow my dads Corvette Stingray from 1972.
The dream is to one day own my own vintage car. At the moment I have my eyes on a Ford Fairlane from 1956.
When you have autism it is quite normal to have special interests. For me it´s the vintage and rockabilly style, that including Lola Ramona.
Especially Lola Ramona has become more than just shoes and bags.
It has become a hobby and a big passion of mine.
I immerse in the different style, the colours they are made in and where they can be bought. I probably know all the locations.
I almost daily check the website for news and other sites that sell Lola Ramona. I have bought from Great Britain, Germany, Finland and Sweden.
I bought my first pair of Lola Ramona in 2017 and after that there was no turning back. I am always on the lookout for new styles or a great bargain.
In 2018 I made a facebook group called Lola Ramona inspiration, because I needed a place to ask other Lola lovers about fit, the colour or just to talk about our newest purchases. We are almost at 500 members.
What I love about Lola Ramona is that they are all so colourful and different. When I am wearing my Lola Ramonas out on the town, I always get a compliment or a smile. Especially if it´s paired up with bright vintage clothes.
Lola spreads joy!
My absolute favorite style is June and the one with nude glitter takes the prize. To this day it is still the most beautiful shoe in my collection.
The June style fits my foot perfectly, great heel height and I can walk in them for hours.
As an autistic individual you can easily be branded as weird. I have struggled to find my place and who I am. In the beginning I didn´t use my Lola Ramona shoes out of fear of what people would think.
I always looked at their facebook group and website and dreamed of wearing them.
 Lola has without a doubt taught me that it´s ok to stand out, to be different.
I now wear my Lola Ramona shoes and bags whenever I am going somewhere.
The brand inspires me to try something new. If it may be a new colour, stripes or polkadots. I can just be me.
Thank you Lola Ramona.



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