about us

Lola Ramona began in 2006 in Copenhagen with an idea that stemmed from a question; in a market consumed with shoes created for the masses, where were the shoes for the few? Lola Ramona was created to bring shoes that were packed with attitude and life, shoes that said something about you as a person so if you wore them you were making an expression about your personality. Not only this, they were created with women’s feet as the central focus. What good are beautiful shoes that destroy your feet? Your shoes should be there to help protect and pamper your feet. So, Lola Ramona sought to create beautifully designed shoes that could be worn from dawn until dusk and back again.


This was the vision in 2006 and it has endured the test of time as the company still creates beautiful shoes that provide supreme quality and comfort. However, we are now so much more. We are the brand that brings you everything. Our collections include Sneakers, kids shoes, vegan showstoppers all standing tall alongside our classic Angie’s and Elsie’s. Dots bows and stripes created the central theme of Lola Ramona and created a classic look that was distinguishable from afar as being a Lola Ramona design. It is a design that gained us thousands of followers, each of whom we love so dearly, this also has stayed true with us and many of our designs still sport the famous Lola stripes.


Our new collections in 2020 will see us finally diversify and create shoes for larger feet designed to be inclusive to a world where people are no longer bound by the confines their birth gender. We want to be an inclusive company for everyone to enjoy, not just those of us lucky to fall in under the size of 42. Our Vegan lines further this environment of inclusive thinking, we live in a warming world and each of us is responsible for their footprint. We now create just as many Vegan styles as traditional leather in an attempt to limit our use of animal products and therefore create a more climate conscious company.


Welcome to Lola Ramona, welcome to the family, we can’t wait to get to know you.




Lola x