Lola Ramona was created in 2006 in Copenhagen with an idea that stemmed from a question; in a market consumed with shoes created for the masses, where were the shoes for the few? Lola Ramona brings you shoes that are packed with attitude and life, shoes that say something about you as a person. 

Not only this, they are created with women’s feet as the central focus. What good are beautiful shoes that destroy your feet? Your shoes should be there to help protect and pamper your feet with a perfect fit and a careful placed heel. So, Lola Ramona sought to create beautifully designed shoes that could be worn from dawn until dusk and back again. And that is why our tagline is “Shoes that fit your personality - not just your feet” 

This was the vision in 2006 and it has endured the test of time as the company still creates beautiful shoes that provide supreme quality and comfort. However, we are now so much more. 

We are the brand that brings you everything. Our collections include heels, sneakers, boots, flats, handbags, sunglasses, and tee shirts, We are huge fans of the entire lifestyle around rollerskating and we are worldwide involved in LGBTQUAI+  There is always a lot going on and we try to stay vibrant and relevant to  you all the time.

Dots, bows and stripes create the central theme of Lola Ramona. It is a classic look that is distinguishable throughout our designs, collections and collaborations. 

Exciting patterns and styles are aplenty, each one individually handmade ensuring the highest possible quality and comfort across all of our shoes. From leather styles to vegan you can be sure when wearing a Lola Ramona you are wearing a quality piece of footwear. 

Here are some of the faces you meet when you are contacting us.

 Our store & designstudio is located the beautiful Nørrebro area of Copenhagen. We would love to see you in person so come by if you are in the neighbourhood. Our address is:

Lola Ramona
Sankt Hansgade 17.
2200 Copenhagen N
Trading Hours: 10:00 - 17:00
Monday - Friday.
Saturday 11:00 - 14:00

Welcome to Lola Ramona, welcome to the family, we can’t wait to get to know you. 

Lola Ramona

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