For those of you who have chosen to lead a vegan lifestyle, we know how important it is that you are also able to get vegan made shoes. Lola Ramona creates both vegan & leather styles so everyone can enjoy our shoes just the way they like them. 
Leather lovers can wear vegan shoes if they choose, as they are still both comfortable and breathable, but vegans wear products made without any animal products or by-products. Which is why we design in both materials.
Lola Ramona has been making shoes in Vegan leather for a long time. It has been quite the process to find the best, most flexible and breathable alternatives to leather. There are a lot of different materials on the market, but it is very important to us, that your feet are able to breathe while wearing artificial leather. It is also important that the materials we choose live up to our usual standards.
Today, we make a lot of our shoes and all of our bags in Vegan leather. And we want to share what you can expect when you buy our Vegan products.
What is Vegan leather?
We have found a way to make the synthetic fiber act as close to a natural fiber as possible.
We do this by shredding the synthetic materials into little granules.
The granules are then pressed on top of a cotton fiber to make a whole piece to cut the patterns from. This technique makes it breathable since there is a lot of room between the little granules, and it behaves a bit like cotton or any other natural fibered product like apple or cork.
The glue used for the shoes are completely free of animal products.
The vegan textiles & materials used in the production of our vegan shoes include: Satin, suede, patent, pleather, cork, pineapple, and of course all kinds of textiles.
What does Vegan leather stand for?
Through the years it has been called many names. PU (polyurethane), Artificial leather, Faux leather, or Vegan leather (Pleather)
Vegan versions of products has been around for many years.
But like with everything else, over the years it's improved by leaps and bounds. 
Pleather is a term used to describe a material that is almost like leather. A lot of people think that this product make your feet sweat. This is not the case with our pleather materials since they are made of granules which allow your feet to breathe.
Vegan leather is a term used to describe a product that has been made without harming animals and is free of any animal by-products. You can see which shoes are vegan by the green kiss stamp on their photo. This is to reassure you that this product is cruelty and animal labour free.
Is Vegan leather for everybody?
The simple answer is YES!
Our vegan products are just as durable as our leather products. Vegan shoes are just as comfortable and our handbags are just as stylish. The shoes are made form the same lasts and have the same fitting and the same comfort and good quality. They are easy to clean - Vegan leather is the perfect choice for you - If you don’t want to spend too much time cleaning your shoes. You just need a damp cloth and that’s it.
Vegan leather is waterproof. So if you get caught in the rain, you won't get wet feet. Unless you decide to jump in big puddles.
They are soft and comfortable and will mould to your feet over time.
Price - Vegan leather and regular animal leather are similarly priced. Many people think that vegan leather should be cheaper. However, the process of creating the shoe, the labour and the materials cost the same, and therefore the price between a leather and vegan shoe rarely differs. 
How can I tell if my shoes are made of Vegan leather?
Because they look almost identical to regular leather shoes it can be hard to tell the difference just by looking at them.
All of our Vegan leather shoes are marked with our own symbol, a green kiss, and will always say VEGAN on the website.
You can also look at the label under your shoe to see what it is made of.
Our Vegan leather is marked as "other material".
How do I find Vegan shoes on the website?
There is a section for all of our Vegan shoes on the website and you can also search for Vegan.
Still have questions about Vegan leather?
Please feel free to contact us.
We are proud of our Vegan range and hope you will love it as much as we do.

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