We are now able to ship to the UK :)!!

This means a few things for you and we want you to understand why things are the way they are. 

Firstly, you will be unable to shop for more than €155 This is because if we were to allow you to shop above this threshold then the costs to you (the customer) could end up being hugely costly. Keeping it under €155 is to ensure the total never exceeds the 135GBP limit and therefore no fees for you. 

Secondly, you may think our shipping costs are crazy but there is a reason for this. We want to make sure that administration fees do not become excessive so we are asking you guys to make sure when you shop with us, you shop for a certain amount. So we would rather you made one larger order than 3 or 4 small ones. 

The shipping fees for the UK are as follows: 

 Orders below €69.99 - €60 Shipping fee

Orders between €70 - 79.99 - €50 Shipping fee

Orders between €80 - 89.99 - €40 Shipping fee

Orders between €90 - 99.99 - €30 Shipping fee

Orders between €100 - 109.99 - €20 Shipping fee

Orders between €110 - 119.99 - €10 Shipping fee 

Orders between €120 - 155 - Free shipping 

Orders above € 155 - Please contact News@lolaramona.com

Orders are shipped with GLS 

We understand this may be frustrating and complicated, but while we navigate the post Brexit shipping landscape this is the best we can offer. If something changes we will update this page 


Lola Ramona - 24th September 2021


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