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Red Shoe Movement

A women leadership development platform powered by a global grassroots movement. We coined the Red Shoe Tuesday campaign as the day when women wear red shoes to work, not only to feel empowered but to keep up the conversation of what women need to grow in their careers and the benefits for organizations to have more women executives. Red shoe movement encourage women to find their "inner red shoe" — what their passion is, what makes them unique. And that inner red shoe is always associated with the kind of red shoe they wear on Tuesdays. 
RSM do large events and they partner with women’s organizations to do large events, where everyone attends with red shoes. 
Lola Ramona support this organisation with shoes.



Roller Derby Copenhagen
Roller derby is a high-speed contact sport played by kick ass women on skates.
Today it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and there are more than 1000 leagues worldwide. 
So far there are around 10 leagues in Denmark. 
Lola Ramona are the main sponsor of the Copenhagen league.


Børnenes Kontor

The purpose of the childrens office in Horsens is to aid less fortunate families with kids who are still attending school. 
The donations are given out every Christmas as a voucher for new clothes and shoes. 
Lola Ramona support this organisation with a yearly money donation.


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