How To Care For Your Shoes

The PU vegan materials we use, are NOT made from the traditional filaments, which are long fibers that makes it hard for the feet to breathe.
We use Vegan leather with stacked fibers, small pieces of fibers that are pressed together, which allow your feet to breathe.
The vegan leathers are flexible and very soft.
The material has a different smell - however, this fades quickly.
Smooth skin must not dry out - therefore, regularly lubricate it with cream or leather grease (use a soft brush or cloth).
Start cleaning the shoes with a damp cloth or sponge and let them dry.
Then lubricate them and possibly finish polishing them with a soft cloth or brush to remove the cream residue and get a nice, glossy shoe.
Clean the shoes with a cleaning rubber pad and/or a mild soap solution that you massage in with a soft brush - do not soak the shoes, just wet it.
Wipe them off with a damp cloth and allow them to dry.
Brush the suede up with a suede brush.
After cleaning and care, the shoe / boot should be waterproofed again.
It's super easy to deal with - and does not need to be waterproofed.
If they get dirty, just wipe it over with a damp cloth.
Don't throw them in the washing machine!
Instead, use a cleaning product to clean them.
If they are white, you can refresh the color with “Touch White”.
Also, remember to waterproof them to avoid wet feet.
Patent is leather that is lacquered. When you need to care for it, brush it free of dirt and wipe it with cotton wool or a cloth twisted in lukewarm water.
You can buy special products to clean your shoes or boots again if salt and mud have left their mark on your favorite shoes. If you do not own cleaning products for your footwear, you can actually remove nasty salt spots on your boots with a little lukewarm skimmed milk.
Use a cloth and dip gently. Allow the boots to dry completely before jumping into them again.