How to care for your shoes:


Lola Ramona's recommendations for how to take extra care of your new shoes and prolong their life. Whether leather shoes or suede shoes, rubber soles or boots, we hope this guide will help you get the most out of your shoes. We endeavor to make our shoes as comfortable as possible from the first wear, but some constructions and leathers will need ‘breaking in’ and should be worn for short periods at a time to begin with to avoid any discomfort. We recommend that care should be taken near pale carpets and furnishings. A dip-dye process has been used on some of our leather shoes that may initially result in a small amount of dye being transferred. Please be aware that suede and nubuck can never be made entirely colourfast and might rub off on white socks and laces.




Winther salt spots:
If salt have left their mark on your shoes. You can buy special care kit to take care of this. If you do not find this kind of kit. You can actually remove nasty salt spots on your boots with a little lukewarm skimmed milk. Use a cloth and dip gently. Allow the boots to dry completely before jumping into them again.


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