Meet Stephanie: A busy mum with a collection so big it needs its own book!

My name is Stephanie Hauser I live with my husband and our 5 children in Jyderup which is a small town in West Zealand. On a daily basis I work at a hospital as a service assistant in my free time I run and do strength training.
The first time I saw a pair of Lola Ramona shoes was about 12 years ago when I went for a walk on the street in Copenhagen. There I saw a woman with the most beautiful shoes with striped heel. I instantly fell in love with those stripes and I found out that the brand on the shoes was Lola Ramona. However, it would be a few years before I got my first pair.
But in 2009 when I had just had my first daughter, I got the first pair from my mother. A pair of winter boots with white pom poms on the back (I still have them by the way). To start with, it was the stripes and bows and the black / white / red shoes I loved the most. They remind me of Alice in Wonderland which is my favorite adventure… I love the universe in that tale.
Over time, however, a number of other colors have appeared on the shoes in my collection. I wear a uniform at work and after work I usually jump in my training clothes. So when I finally put on my everyday clothes, i want there to be a bang!
My clothes are usually very colorful and I love to stand out. Lola Ramona helps me with that. It is almost more the rule than the exception that my shoes are commented on. I also love the pin up and the rockabilly style. Lola Ramona also fits in perfectly here. My collection of Lola Ramona currently stands at 76 pairs of shoes and 13 bags. I don't not really have any favorites among my shoes, but the black Pippi (the one who later got the name Angie P) boot with red bow and striped heel, I often end up with when nothing else works.
My husband thinks I'm a little crazy but can still understand my fascination (although he will not always admit it) He also has favorite among my shoes and for my birthday this year he had made a Lola Ramona love album. A photo album with my shoes and bags. The shoes are inserted at the front of the album and the bags are started from the back of the album. The message when I got the album was that when bags and shoes meet then its time to stop!.. There is fortunately plenty of space yet.
We'll we may try to add a few pages into that book!
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