We value good quality materials, superb craftsmanship and great design. All of our designs come in small quantities and they often sell out. We design & make all drawings in our studio in Copenhagen, and We work closely with our factories when it comes to execution. Our fabulous range of footwear has been crafted with you in mind, incorporating soft memory foam insoles and perfectly positioned heels to create something that not only looks fantastic but also is super comfy and a joy to wear.

Memory foam - What makes your Lola Ramona shoes so comfortable: 

Our shoes are not just pretty, they are also special.They are designed to both make you - And your feet happy. The soft insole in each and every one of our shoes is working on your body with every step you take, in other words it is moulding after your feet.

This cushioning foam that we call memory foam, works like a trampoline and it re-leave pressure from your feet

A stable shoe in combination with our amazing memory foam, does not only provide the opportunity to correct misalignments, it also support the arch of the foot and relieve specific areas. Memory foam remembers your footprint and gives strength to the natural way of stabilizing the foot, and by that also damp the micro shocks of walking.

The result? - Increased endurance, your very own footprint, comfort all day and no bunions.


Heels - Why is the positioning of the heel so important?

If you have ever walked in a pair of shoes with wrong positioned heels you know the importance of this. A heel should be placed so that you can keep your balance and even run or as we normally say.. Play a game of soccer without breaking them.

The whole mystery of a good positioned heel is to make sure that the heel seat is contoured correctly, that you have world class padding and that it distributes your weight equally across the heel zone.  When a heel is positioned in the correct way, you can walk on your entire foot, you do not need to do the tiptoe walk, which is so burdensome for your front foot. All our heels are positioned in this way, which is why even the very high heels still feels comfortable

Improving alignment between feet, knees, hips and lower back


Flats - What is the key to make it comfortable?

If you do not position the upper and the lines of a flat shoe correct, you will not be able to walk straight. Especially the density of the outsole is important. If it is too soft it will sink... If it is too hard it will hurt your foot and affect your ability to have a flexible walk. On all Lola Ramona flats We combine 2 different densities in the built of the sole, to keep that perfect balance between softness and flexibility.

The heel counter is also a big part of a comfortable flat, it holds your foot in place and make sure that you do not slide to the sides. We always use a soft PVC counter piece so that you do not feel a hard edge, but at the same time get the stability you need.


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