Bibbi and Lola... a love affair.

Bibbi and her car
My name is Bibbi, I’m 33 and I live with my boyfriend in Aarhus, DK.
My life is revolves around music and the love of vinyls, vintage living and shoes.
I work part time as a music teacher and fulltime as a singer/guitarist in the Danish country band “Bibbi & Snif”. It’s a blessing being able to be creative, writing songs and touring for a living. This year we will celebrate 18 years together on the road!!
My family, friends and boyfriend are also in showbusiness, and this way of life has always been my “normal”. It's kinda like a family circus, I grew up being told that the most important thing in life is love and to be yourself.
My Lola Story:
It was fall 2009 and I was walking down “Strøget” in Copenhagen. Suddenly through a store-window I saw something I had never seen before.
It was a pair of boots, that looked like the collar of a shirt when you folded the shaft down, with a chunky striped heel, and a red bow in front. I was in love!
This was the first time I saw a pair of Lola Ramona shoes. I tried them on and instantly I didn’t want to take them off. I even remember sleeping with them on that night.
Sometime later my dad gave me a present. It was another pair of Lolas, he didn’t know that I bought the boots, but he saw the brand and said "This is totally you, and I just needed to buy you a pair." It was a match made in shoe-heaven.
Then all of a sudden, I was a Lola Girl forever, and the collection just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
My collection is currently 57 pairs of shoes and 11 bags and on my “to-buy-list” I have 10 pairs more and 3 beautiful bags. I store them everywhere in my house. In our living room, on the wall and I even made an extra space on top of the wooden beams in the bedroom. When I go to bed they are the last thing I see and  first thing I wake up to in the morning. What can I say; “Lolas make me happy!”
To choose a favorite, is almost impossible. No doubt that I’m a classic Lola girl. The old Angie P style is my forever go to, especially the black Angie Lush.
For everyday use, my old worn out Elsie's still got it. I own both the leather and the suede ones and they just always fit the look.
Then June came along and when the T-strap style with a bow in front was on the website, I ordered it in 3 different colors and I will wear them until the day they look too worn out.
My all time favorite bag is Viola weekend it's perfect for gigs and teaching – you’ll be surprised how much you can put in that bag. My secret hope for the future is an even bigger bag, suitcase like.
When considering what I love the most, I had to go a little bit deeper than just writing everything, even though that would also be the truth.
The bows, the polkadots, the stripes, the color-combination, the fact that there is something for everyone, the quirkiness combined with vintage feminine style, the story behind the brand and the Red Shoe Movement are just some off the things that comes first to my mind, but…. for me Lola Ramona is more than a shoe-brand, it’s a part of me.
It’s a part of how I present myself to the world, in private and on stage as a performer. I feel like I can express myself through the shoes and bags. I might sound a bit crazy, or shallow at least but that’s the thing I love about Lola.
The second thing I love about Lola is the combination of comfort and design.
My shoes and bags are not just showpieces, they are suppose to be used, and I use my shoes and bags everyday for every use. Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store, walking down the school-halls to teach music or on stage as a performer you’ll find Lola on my feet.
Bibi and her volvo

It’s the same with my Volvo Amazon (Classic car from 1968), it was made to be driven in and I drive it everyday. If you didn’t know, a classic car, a red lipstick and a pair of Lola is the most perfect combination you’ll ever come across.
Finally I must admit I love the attention you get just by wearing a awesome pair of shoes.
Lola Ramona for me symbolizes passion, creativity, self love and expression and that’s all I need!


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