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It takes practice to learn how to walk in shoes with heels. But once you've cracked the code, your shoes with heels will not hang around and collect dust. Heels have the ability to do something very special. They give you a nice, straight posture, which no other shoes can come close to. At the same time, high heel shoes have the unique ability to elevate your outfit – whether you're wearing jeans, skirts or dresses.  

Lola Ramona has a huge selection of cool heels, which are just waiting to find their way to your feet! 

Heels in different sizes

All our shoes with heels are a little above the ordinary. Lola Ramona's universe is full of cool heels that attract yours and other people's attention to your feet. This is the case regardless of whether you choose a model with a high or low heel.

We offer classic stilettos with a thin and elegant heel, and high-heeled shoes with a lower and thicker heel, which provide greater stability on the ground.  All our shoes are designed with beautiful details that create a feminine expression.

You can find cool heels with and without open toes. You can also decide whether you want cool heels with or without a little strap around the ankle. A strap may be a good choice if you need extra support around the foot.

Cool heels in your favourite colour and pattern?

Do you love red? Or are you totally obsessed with pink? Our search function enables you to select whichever colour you like best. Afterwards you can get a full overview of all our cool heels in your chosen colour. This way, you don't have to spend time or energy searching among our many other shoes – we give you exactly what you're looking for.  

But we don't just sort by colours. You can also choose to search under patterns – such as choosing between stripes, spots and leopard.

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