Building The Table

Photo: Jacob Skaaning
This Winter Lola Ramona will be taking you on a journey into our enchanted forest to find a table unlike anything you have ever experienced before. So, take our hand and let us lead you to our tea party, take a seat next to the fine china and let the Ivy crawl over you as you slip into a Lola Fairtytale.
The Autumn Winter Collection will be delivered to you in different selections. It will combine the new styles with some older classics to create small collections of shoes and bags that truly represent all the different aspects of Lola Ramona and its inspirations. 
Over the next weeks and months, we will introduce you individually to every style invited to this party, each one just as special as the last. You will meet our selection of Vegan shoes alongside our suede and leather styles. There will be elements of Retro and vintage as well as Rockstar glam. The black and white stripes of Lola Ramona have always been close and this year they are being celebrated as a Lola Love story, the part of the brand that just cannot ever leave our side.
We will seduce you with leopard print in all new ways, pique your desires with beautiful baby pinks and entrance you with tartan. This winter, each week, you will find yourself in a new part of our Fairy tale and we cannot wait to welcome you to the story.
Building the Table...
This collection has been a blast for everyone at Lola Ramona. It was created at the disused end of Bispebjerg Train Station in Copenhagen, in the shadows of skateboarders and joggers passing by. We chose this location for its uniqueness. A perfect urban jungle with vines creeping over the old rail tracks; it was part of the inspiration for the collection itself. 
Our team worked tirelessly on the day for 12 hours to get all the shots as we had to wait for sundown to really capture the effect that we wanted to create. We hope you agree that the end result is something quite beautiful and mesmerising. These behind the scenes shots give you a little insight into the fun we had on the day. 
There is never a dull moment at Lola Ramona... 
We hope you love this new collection and the shots from this awesome photoshoot!