A True Lola Love Story

A True Lola Love Story

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By now we hope you have become acquainted with our Table, Created by our founder Gitte Sandquist, it is a homage to all of her inspirations and loves. Each section of the table represents something different about Lola Ramona. From the earthy greens of the Misty Forest to the black and white stripes of the DNA Table.
All of the tables are independently striking, however one of our favourites and the one that probably describes the inner workings of Gitte is the Lola Love story table. It's full of blacks and whites and of course stripes. It is elegant and edgy all at the same time. We spoke to Gitte this week in the wake of our wonderful shop opening to ask her about the collection and why it is so special to her.
Angie Heart
So, Gitte, what was it that inspired this collection?
GS: This collection is derived from so many places. In fact many of these styles are reincarnations of shoes we have created years ago, i just gave them a new look. For me that is why I love it so much because it represents the old Lola just as much as it does the new. It's very much a black and white collection and that's where the brand started with me taking a risk and putting striped heels on shoes when I was told they would not sell. Ever since then i have been in love with the stripes so i suppose you could say this is an homage to that risk!
How did you decide the name?
GS: Easy, It is what it is, its my love story with my shoes, these are my favourite styles done my favourite way. The little red hearts you can see on them are me stealing the collection with a kiss.
Angie Bird

What does red, white and black mean to the brand?
GS: It is the brand, its where we started and no matter how far we may have travelled those three have always been close at hand. It's a fan favorite and it really is the Brands DNA.

What kind of person do you envision wearing ‘A Lola Love Story’ Collection? 
GS: We pride ourselves on being the brand that creates shoes that fit your personality - not just your feet. So for me, it's more important that the person who wears these shoes gets something from them and that it helps them feel good about themselves and that they can now better express who they truly are. That person is not definable in my eyes. It could be a man or a woman, or neither. It's all about what the shoe allows you to feel. If it makes you happy, then the right person is wearing it. 

Ava Swudge

You can shop this brand new collection right here and fall in love with Lola Ramona all over again!