The Table - Lola's DNA

Welcome to the centrepiece of the table. Lola's DNA, consisting of bows, dots and stripes and always featuring our primary colours of red, black and white. This section of our table represents the purest version of Lola Ramona. We have honoured our roots by re creating some classic styles like our Ava Jitterbug and Inez bags. But it wouldn't be Lola if we did not introduce something new. Over the years we have noticed the love for the Ava heel height so we decided to create a brand new style in Cherry which is a stiletto style heel but without the traditional height that you would expect. It delivers the elegance of a Lola Stiletto in a Ava sized package. 
Cherry Fizzy and Inez love
We are so proud of this selection of shoes and hope you are too. We know well that winters In northern europe can be unrelenting at the best of times. In Copenhagen it is no different. Our gorgeous Shelly Enjoy was created for just this purpose. She represents a newer style in the Lola catalogue but one that perfectly represents the creative roots from which Lola Ramona has flourished.
Shelly Enjoy
With this collection also comes a resurgence of Inez, our most popular handbag. the perfect junction between retro and contemporary, she has seen many facelifts over the years, most recently turning up in a majestic tartan style. However, for the DNA table we chose to look back instead of forward and brought back two Inez styles that have been on our shelves before. Inez Love is a Lola classic sporting all of the classic colours that we know and love. Inez Dawn however is a beautiful accompaniment to the gorgeous Cherry Twilight; really this bag was the catalyst for that shoes creation. We had her with us many years ago and now she is back in all her glory. This resurgence does not represent for us that our fashion is cyclical, rather, it represents how Lola's fashion is timeless and has a place at any moment in time in. 
Cherry Twilight and Inez Dawn
We hope you enjoy this beautiful collection of shoes and bags as we have enjoyed creating them for you. 
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