Fiore Vanil - A Retro Lady in a Modern World

We love retro and vintage, so we always love to collaborate with people who really know how to make that style come alive. No one does it better that Julie Fiore, so earlier this month we had a chat with her to find out what makes her tick!
Julie in June Mesh
Julie wearing June Mesh
LR: Hi Julie. So tell us a little about yourself. 
JF: By education I am a medical psychologist and psychotherapist.
I am also blogger on instagram,  where I share the life of a retro lady in the modern world. Outside of that I am also working as a vintage model and I have a YouTube channel with a lot of Retro Hairstyle Tutorials. 
Through these channels I am able to spread my passion to the world. My search for my own style has always been super important to me. By finding this inner style it allows us to show our inner world to those around us. 
My nickname on social media is FioreVanil
Julie in June Mesh
LR: What are your inspirations?
JF: I am so inspired by movies and the wonderful Hollywood actresses of the past; my favourites are, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich
Another great inspiration of course is Dita Von Teese! I also just love the other Retro divas on Instagram and they really inspire me in what I am doing!
Julie and Mindy Mine
Julie with Mindy Mine
LR: What got you into retro?
JF: The fact that you can dress every day like you are in a black and white movie! I understood when I saw Dita von Teese for the first time, it was in 2007, and it was an arrow in my heart. I Knew there and then that when I grow up and turn into a young elegant woman, I will definitely dress like this.
Julie in Audrey Morticia
Julie in Audrey Morticia
LR:Why do you love Lola Ramona?
JF: I love Lola Ramona because of great designs, for courage and brightness, and (when I was receive my first shoes and bag) I was so happy with the quality, with all details; the box, the little messages in the pocket, and the incredible magic bags, that all took so small and dainty, but can contain a lot of things!!! It's really magic!
Julie in June Mesh
You can get to see more of Julie on her socials: 
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