Life according to a vintage blonde - Kirstine Ploug

Some keywords for me are aesthetics, experiences, joy -all of which I apply to my everyday life. At home and in my business as a photographer.
Inspiration for work is drawn from travel and experiencing our beautiful world. From the smallest art museums in southern France, to eating the perfect pasta in a restaurant kitchen in Rome, to driving without destination into obscure parts of the USA. These are all experiences that fuel my everyday life. The beauty of the world, talking to people living very different lives from my own and taking in the wonders of nature and the arts and lives of our ancestors.

Surrounding myself with beautiful things inspires me, I have always been drawn to mid-century aesthetics, from the beautiful Danish furniture of those times to Dior’s New Look campaign.
It’s a love of the style of the 30’s-60’s and probably nostalgia for a more beautiful world; when fashion was elegant and dressing up was not a faux-pas.
My obsession with various decades changes, I love the strong 40’s silhouette of wartime women’s wear with the sculptural hats and hairdos. I also enjoy just as much the fitted pencil skirts of the 50’s with a tailored jacket, something that is so timeless and perfect for wearing everyday even to this day. Once in a while I really enjoy the glittery lurex, big hair and go-go boots of the late 60’s; what a playful and fun fashion. For all three decades the common theme for me is anything western-style, shirts, jewellery and fringe jackets!

Living in our place in time it’s a privilege to be able to pick and choose the style that will make me happy on any particular day. I like to dress for work in way that makes me feel powerful as woman. I believe that we as women have the luxury to be able to dress in a way that complements our bodies. I feel we have an obligation to do exactly this and not to dress like versions of men. We are lucky to enjoy the privileges of being more equal to men than maybe ever in history and we should celebrate this by highlighting our differences. For me that means dressing in a very feminine way and not being scared that it calls attention to me. I am not afraid of the red lipstick!

The ultimate success of women’s liberation means that as a woman today I can dress 1950’s but have all the freedoms and powers of 2020.
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