Estefi - Motherhood in style

Earlier during the worldwide lockdown we connected with this wonderful Mumma who is finding fun and creative ways to bring retro and pin up styling to the streets and screens of South America!
We asked her some questions to try to understand a bit more about her inspirations and how she came across Lola Ramona half-way around the globe!..

What do you do and where are you from?
I'm from Santiago de Chile, and I'm a content creator on social media.
I sometimes appear on tv and radio to speak about clothing, style and motherhood.
What drew you to retro style?
It was a long transition until I could "name" the style that I felt represented by. I guess watching Grease as a child, and as a designer I really loved pin-up illustrations and it all started from there I guess.
I don't consider myself a proper "pin up girl" because I have a very creative and more loose style, but retro it's definitely my go to style when I shop.
What do you love about the style?
I love vintage style!
I've been collecting pieces and building a closet for many years now.
I really love colours, mix patterns, polka dots, everything! I love to wear costumes and fun clothes that put a smile on my face.
We are here to have fun!

How did you find Lola Ramona and why do you love the shoes?
I found them on Instagram.
I don't remember if it was someone who wore them or advertising, but the first time I saw the Instagram feed I was hooked!
Everything I've ever wanted was there. I LOVE stripes, polka dots and mixing colors and patterns.
It really was like somebody got into my head and made those shoes.
After I bought my first pair, I couldn't believe how comfy they were.
Everytime I wear my Lola Ramona shoes I get a lot of compliments and I feel amazing.
You can check out more of Estefi on her instagram feed