A chat with our new partners, Copenhagen Pride!

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Today marks the start of a hugely exciting Collaboration with Copenhagen Pride. For the next 3 years we will be working together to create beautiful and inclusive styles for people from all walks of life. 
In the coming week all our new collection of Pride styles will be available for purchase with 100% of proceeds going to Copenhagen Pride to assist with causes close to the LGBTQIA+ community.
We caught up with the team from pride to have a chat about this years event and the new collection...
So, What do you guys think about the new Lola Ramona X Pride collection?
We’re pretty ecstatic about the collection. The range of colorful looks from casual to pin-up is eye-catching in itself, but the fact that they are available in sizes up to 46 is great for our community. Whether you’re experimenting with your gender expression or if you’ve already mastered your style, Lola Ramona’s collection gives you more options to play with – and in an explosion of rainbow colors in a tasteful and clever way at that. Well done!
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Covid is a problem that the whole world faces but it’s good to know that Pride week will endure in some capacity this year, what can we expect from this years event?
We’re glad you asked! The main point is that of course, Copenhagen Pride Week will endure, even though Covid was a huge setback to begin with. But as with all other challenges we encounter, we have a high capacity for creative and out-of-the-box thinkers in our organization, and we’re quite proud of being able to serve our community despite lacking the opportunity to gather as we are used to.
As for many other event organizers, the solution is digital. Where we differ is that we are providing a virtual platform where users amongst other things can browse around virtual representations of the city and learn about LGBTI+ history, interact live with the debates and panel discussions – or watch them on demand whenever they please. The iconic parade will also be “translated” into an online presence of sorts, which we are looking forward to introducing further. The week will end with a sort of premiere: Denmark’s first XR (eXtended Reality) experience for the final show Saturday evening.
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When you buy a pair of Lola Ramona X CPH Pride shoes all of the proceeds of the shoes go to the Copenhagen Pride organization. So what sort of causes and programs will this money go into?
The funds collected will be used for Copenhagen Pride's work to promote the safety and rights of LGBTI+ people in Denmark and internationally, including our solidarity Fund, that annually awards funds to causes and organizations in Denmark and abroad. 
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Next year Copenhagen is hosting World Pride 2021, what exciting events can the city look forward to?
Copenhagen 2021 is a joint celebration of WorldPride and EuroGames taking place from 12-22 August 2021 and welcoming 750,000 visitors to Copenhagen and Malmö. Expect world-class entertainment and cultural events, more than 25 sports tournaments, an international human rights conference and an incredible WorldPride Parade. Above all, know that #YouAreIncluded at Copenhagen 2021! (More information on www.copenhagen2021.com)
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Check out the Pride Collection here!