Lola Ramona x Copenhagen Pride BEHIND THE SCENES

Lola Ramona x Copenhagen Pride BEHIND THE SCENES

We are so pleased to be working close together with Copenhagen Pride.
Being able to help support a good cause means a lot to Lola Ramona.
So last month we decided to invite some members of the LGBTQAI+ community to our new store on Sankt Hans Gade for a day of shopping, chatting and fun! 
The day was used to shoot a brand new promo video for our pride collection. We tried to highlight as many areas of the LGBTQAI+ community as possible. A huge thanks to DiDi Cancerella for helping us get in touch with so many awesome people!
Here are some of the behind the scenes shots to give you a glimpse of what a great day it was.
The mood was high and everyone was excited to see our new shop and try on the collection.
Trying on shoes was not all we did. We talked, laughed, got to know each other and of course - Striked a pose or two!
Some loved the shoes and bags so much that trying them on just wasn't enough.
Can you taste the rainbow?

The end product of this amazing day was not only making new friends, but also talking about what this whole collaboration means to the community. Check out the video:


The final product is a wonderful portrayal of why we created this collaboration and why we will continue to support this community going forward. We can't wait for you guys to see the plans we have in store for the future and all the fun we will have along the way will be posted right here for you to enjoy.  

You can help support people from the LGBTQAI+ community by purchasing any item from the Lola Ramona Pride Collection which gives all proceeds from sales directly to Copenhagen Pride! ❤️

Photo Credits: Anja Jargil

Video Credits: Inspire Content

Our Guests: Didi Cancerella, Ida DamgaardBrynhildur the Drag, Paulie Calderon-Cifuentes, Noa, Remus, Niklas Hansen, Luke Ravens