Harley Queen - Copenhagen drag icon talks to us about her love for Lola

Harley in lola ramona
6 years ago I was strutting the streets of Copenhagen as new queen. Gorgeous, fierce, with a devil may care personality I quickly landed a job as a hostess at Saint Gertrudes Convent (nightclub, very Berlin..)
I was there every Friday and Saturday night .. in heels. Of course from Jette Riis on sale. (Size 40=Always on sale)
So Even my spare shoes were heels, just as high only with a chunky heel. “Flats are for quitters!” -Rupaul
Jette Riis shoes, for my need, was no way near durable enough for me. The heels would bend or snap off the zipper breaks and the construction would just give up...
Then one night, at work, during a break and fag. A woman comes up to me, black hair I think it was maybe a striped T-shirt. I don’t remember her name though. (Sorryyy, your fault for saying free pair of shoes!!) She said, "I have just the pair of shoes for you. Lola Ramona, Pumps, black, Monday come!" 
I went, slipped on a pair of black Marilyns, stood up, took a few steps and bam! Love! 
The way the stiletto is designed is beyond me. So much support and comfort, like crocs but with brains behind it. All materials are very durable. genuine leather, suede, cork, even vegan leather. Lola Ramona supports several organisations such as ‘red shoe movement’, ‘The children’s office’ and more. 
So when you purchase a shoe, bag etc. know that your feet will thank you for years to come, 6 years later I still have my very first pair of Marilyns. But you will also know that you empower women, fight cancer, help less fortunate families and the list continues. 
This is why I love Lola Ramona! Both challenging my shoe hoarding and making a difference I the world ...You know what your shoe, bag etc. helps fund, but I guarantee you that at least one person will stop and compliment your item. 
“She who dies with the most shoes wins”
Game on!
xxHarley Queen
Those who die without any prejudices win!