What is vegan leather?

Lola Ramona and Vegan leather
About four years ago Lola Ramona chose to start making shoes in Vegan leather. We started to find the best way to produce it and find ways of making it so it can live up to our standard of quality. 
Today, we make a lot of our shoes and all of our bags in Vegan leather. That´s why we want to share what you can expect when you buy our Vegan products.
 What is Vegan leather?
We have found a way to make the synthetic fiber act as close to a natural fiber as possible.
We do this by shredding the synthetic fiber and pressing it on top of a cotton fiber. That makes it more breathable and the product will over time act more like a natural fiber. The glue used for the shoes are completely free of animal products.
What does Vegan leather stand for?
Through the years it has been called many names. Pleather, PU (polyurethane) , Artificial leather, Faux leather or Vegan leather.
If you think that vegan leather is a new thing you are mistaken.
It has been around for many years.
But like with everything else it has been through a big evolution.
Pleather is a term used to describe a material that is almost like leather, but cheaper. So a reason to buy this product would be to save money.
Vegan leather is a term used to describe a product that has been made without harming animals and is free of any animal by-products. So this term is not just to describe the price point, but used to reassure you that this product is cruelty and animal labour free.
But is Vegan leather for me?
Easy to clean - Vegan leather is for you if you don’t want to spend too much time cleaning your shoes. It can be done using a damp cloth and that’s it.
Waterproof - No need for spraying on protective spray because the Vegan leather is waterproof. So if you get caught in the rain, you won't get wet feet. Unless you decide to jump in big puddles.
Looks almost the same – Our Vegan leather looks and feels almost like the regular leather does. They are soft and comfortable and will mold to the feet over time.
How can I tell if my shoes are made of Vegan leather?
Because they look almost identical to regular leather shoes it can be hard to tell the difference just by looking at them.
All our Vegan leather shoes are marked with our own symbol, a green sprout, and will always say VEGAN on the website.
You can also look at the label under your shoe to see what it is made of.
Our Vegan leather is marked as other material.
How do I find the Vegan shoes on the website?
There is a section for all of our Vegan shoes on the website and you can also search for Vegan.
Still have questions about Vegan leather?
Please feel free to contact us.
We are proud of our Vegan range and hope you will love it as much as we do.

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