It only takes a MOMENT to discover a gem!

When in Copenhagen, visiting Sankt Hans gade is a must, we know, we live there! but don't sleep on Ravnsborggade and all the beautiful little nooks and crannies it holds. From old school Danish beer shops to quirky cafes and bars it's one of the hidden Gems of the Nørrebro area. 
At Lola Ramona we are an involved part of the community of businesses in these streets and as such we love to try and collaborate with the other shops as much as possible. So, when we noticed Moment KBH and it shimmering Golden floor, we were instantly smitten. As a creator of vintage and retro shoes finding this beautiful antique store was like a gift from above and we had the perfect set of shoes to compliment the stunning interior of the store. 
Ramona and the floor
Lola's Golden ball collection was created with a glittering celebration in mind and we were so happy when Moment allowed us to shoot the collection photoshoot here. 
Staying safe
These gorgeous photos absolutely exceeded all our expectations and as we shot them we had a chance to wander around this beautiful store that is relatively new to this street. 
Christmas came early
As you walk around this store you will find a cornucopia of little things along side stunning centre pieces. Just entering the store creates a sensory shift from the rather bleak winter streets outside. It's warm and hygge and the owner Patrick always meets you with a smile! 
If you are in need of some christmas sticking presents or just a break from the cold and a bit of light retail therapy, we cannot recommend a visit to this wonderful store more. It' absolutely has something for everyone!
You can find out more about Moment via their gorgeous Instagram accounts -
Moment KBH, Ravnsborggade 6, 2200 København

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