Lola Ramona x Copenhagen Pride Press Release

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Lola Ramona is thrilled to finally be able to announce our three-year partnership with Copenhagen Pride. This will include next year’s World Pride celebrations which are scheduled to be held in Copenhagen.
As a Copenhagen based company, we could not be more proud to finally sign off on this collaboration which allows us to put our money where our heart is. Being able to give back to the community is a vital part of the Lola Ramona mission. Our decision to work with Copenhagen Pride was a very easy one and we are immensely excited for the next few years to develop friendships, create shoes and raise money for a fantastic cause and group of people.
The most important part of this collection it that it is not for profit and is created to give back to the LGBTQAI+ community. All Pride styles will come with a pride flag insole which lets the customer know that the item they have purchased is donating 100% of its profits to the Copenhagen Pride organisation to directly support the LGBTQAI+ community and causes close to them.
This pride month we will release five pairs of shoes and one bag that are all inspired by the iconic Pride flag. From the sneaks to the stilettos there is no doubt that these styles have been designed with the LGBTQAI+ community at their heart. Inclusivity was the foundation with which the design process began and resulted in Lola Ramona creating shoes suitable for those with larger feet. Therefore, this collection will see selected styles from EU 35 to 46 in both leather and vegan styles.
We are excited to see the public get to try on these amazing pieces of artwork! They are designed for everyone, so we challenge you to try heels if you have never had the chance before. There is an instant perspective gained by slipping into a size 45, 13cm tall heel! We want to see heads turned and norms challenged; we want to make it easier for those who crave high heels to be able to access them in a size that doesn’t hurt them every step of the way. Beauty may be pain, but it needn’t be.
Whatever realm of society you ascribe to we believe there are a pair of shoes here for you and every time you look down at your rainbow insole you know your money went to a truly wonderful cause.
Over the coming three years we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of shoe design and using the Pride collection as a spearhead of experimental footwear design with inclusivity at the heart of each and every new design.
We strive to make shoes that fit the personality not just the feet.
Statement from Copenhagen Pride:
“We’re pretty ecstatic about the collection. The range of colorful looks from casual to pin-up is eye-catching in itself, but the fact that they are available in sizes up to 46 is great for our community. Whether you’re experimenting with your gender expression or if you’ve already mastered your style, Lola Ramona’s collection gives you more options to play with – and in an explosion of rainbow colors in a tasteful and clever way at that.
The funds collected from the proceeds of this collection will be used for Copenhagen Pride's work to promote the safety and rights of LGBTQAI+ people in Denmark and internationally, including our solidarity Fund, that annually awards funds to causes and organizations in Denmark and abroad.” 
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