From Heels to Wheels: Lola Ramona Launches Skates and Lifestyle Collection

From Heels to Wheels: Lola Ramona Launches Skates and Lifestyle Collection

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Lola Ramona has, once again, come out with another playful collection called Skates and Lifestyle. This time it’s about stunts, speed and adrenaline on wheels. In our world surrounded by heels, suddenly, there are wheels! A big and exciting twist, you might think. But predictability isn't something that describes Lola Ramona... and our fans love it. 

Skates and Lifestyle is a zappy collection with an inspiration that sprang out during the tough Covid19 lockdown, when our founder and CEO, Gitte Sandquist, would meet up with her friends to skate in Copenhagen every Thursday night. Being part of the badass group called Copenhagen Skatepack, one you are more than welcome to join, these highly energetic, colorful women with cool dress styles inspired Gitte to bring in a new collection dedicated to providing the best skating gear for everyone. The collection is meant to be lively and spontaneous, specifically intended for the growing “heels on wheels” community that welcomes anyone to be a part of it!



Just like its namesake, our vision at Lola Ramona for Skates and Lifestyle is to make roller skating a part of a fun lifestyle. Naturally, in choosing the right roller skate brand to resell for this collection, it was crucial for us to partner with a company that shares the same passion for roller skating and the same values we uphold. “From heels to wheels”, Skates and Lifestyle is an exclusive selection featuring cool roller skates from equally badass brands. So, what are the coolest roller skates brand you can get? Put your wheels on and let's roll!

Moxi Skates

Moxi Skates is a very popular roller skates brand for women due to its very fashionable and colorful, quality skates. A legit badass brand we truly love, Moxi Skates impresses us with everything they have from their designs down to the price. 

Founded in Long Beach California in 2008, the company is dedicated to selling fashionable skates that are made of sustainable, vegan and recyclable items. Their products, which comprise roller skates, ice skates, wheels, gears and apparels, are shipped internationally and have been gaining attention as roller skating gets more and more popular. Their rainbow riders collection as well as their lollies and panthers are top quality, stylish skates we absolutely love. To top it all, their collaborations with different brands and support causes like Pride tick all the boxes on our “get it” list. Now, you know why we’re reselling them. Check out the most popular Moxi Skates we have.

Impala Skates 

We give you another badass roller skates brand that made us tick all the boxes on our checklist -- Impala Skates. Founded in Melbourne Australia in 2017, Impala Skates is an international company run by a group of women who are passionate about skating. The company has over 30 years experience in selling surf, skates and women’s streetwear. Their product styles give a 70s to 90s vibe in fancy, colorful, cool designs. 

A very impressive brand, Impala Skates is more than quality and beautiful rollerskates. They also care about the environment and help the community. Their products are PETA approved as they use vegan materials and the company supports various causes and charities through the sales of their shoes. Now, aren’t they a total rockstar? All these great qualities that correlate with our vision are what drew us to put Impala Skates into our collection. Not to mention, their products are all price accessible. We can’t just let it pass now, can we? Check out some of the most popular Impala Skates we have.

Photos courtesy of Impala Skates

As it is a lifestyle collection, we have made sure that we are also selling the right accessories to come with these cool roller skates in the collection such as socks from Roger Sockslaces  both from Impala and Moxi, t-shirts from Tee Bird and Lola Ramona sunglasses. So, you get the best look once you get in your full get up.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we got the best gear for you which you will find in the Skates and Lifestyle collection. Helmets on, start your journey on wheels here

Click here to go to Impala Skate's official website.  
Tap here to get to Moxi Skate's main site. 

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