A Fun Collab: Shoefun X Lola Ramona Give Yourself A Candy-Colored Summer

A Fun Collab: Shoefun X Lola Ramona Give Yourself A Candy-Colored Summer

A fun nod to the sun and the colors of the coming spring and summer months, we give you a vibrant and playful collection which is the product of our collaboration with the fantastic shoe shop from the sunny "Land Down Under", Australia -- Shoefun.
Shoefun is a cheerful and exciting shoe company based in Australia that prides itself in selling beautiful, fun, girly and unique shoes - some of them you may never find anywhere else.
Like Lola Ramona, Shoefun shares the same passion for creating beautiful shoes that shies away from conventionalism and norms. The company commits into creating shoes that challenges one's imagination and fantasy, bringing wonderful pieces to life that would delight the wearer.
They create shoes that are unique but easy on the eyes, girly and playful without compromising the quality and comfort -- all of which sounds like everything that Lola Ramona exemplifies. This delightfully brings the two brands together for a wonderful collaboration to create fantastic shoes that is meant to make their customers, who wears them, conquer the world while having fun along the way. 
This is the first exclusive collaboration with Shoefun and it has given us incredible styles of party shoes in both subtle and vibrant, candy color tones, which is reminiscent of the warm breeze and the sunny beaches of Australia. The designs are all cute, girly and quirky, which is perfect for the coming warmer months when everyone is all hyped up to party and hang out. No more dark tones, this season's collection is everything bright and flashy. A celebration of the most wonderful time of the year when everyone are most able to express themselves in everything they wear. This is the inspiration that Lola Ramona and Shoefun had in mind in creating the designs for this collection. 
Are you excited? 

This gorgeous Ava Coastal gives you a sunny beach vibe. This stunner, a classic Ava style in aqua soft suede finish and embroidered dots, has a gorgeous ankle strap that delicately frames the feet. 


 Fearless in pink, Ava Bold is a gorgeous vintage style pumps in hot pink and white colors. This lovely has a soft foam in the footbed, typical of all other Lola Ramona shoes. 


Ava Sparkling is so easy on the eye with its soft blue color. This beauty in delicate, cut out pattern is such a sweetheart, ready to steal many hearts at first glance. 



Inspired by Shoefun but Exclusively Lola Ramona's

Aside from the shoes made in collaboration with Shoefun, Lola Ramona also exclusively released some of the shoes that were included in the initial design line that was reviewed by Shoefun but didn't get included in the collaboration.  


Ava Timeless's charm radiates with its hot pink color and white dots. This cute pumps is as comfortable as it looks in Vegan leather and rubber finish.  


 Ava Unique gives you a sunny Miami beach vibe. This soft, aqua colored, vintage inspired pump is so sweet and easy on the eye, it's perfect to wear when you feel all fresh and merry.  


With Ava Deering, you will feel like you're in the beaches of south Miami with the beautiful soft mango colors and white dots.

We are very excited about how fun and colorful the coming spring and summer will be with this collection. But we are even more excited to see how you will style these gorgeous shoes to your different outfits. Aside from the shoe collection, we also have matching Lola Ramona bags and accessories to complete your daily OOTDs (outfit of the day). So, you're all set for the summer. 


Ava Unique matches perfectly with our lovely Izenia Papilio clutch/handbag. 


Check out our full collection on our website here and on Shoefun's website here. 
If you have more questions about the collection, feel free to contact us


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