Life is better when covered in glitter

Life is better when covered in glitter

You probably heard of glitter only being acceptable at certain events and ages… Well not here at Lola Ramona. We believe that everyday life, is a perfect excuse to wear some glitter, and bring that extra glam into your life, even when you’re 16 or 80 years old. 

Glitter shoes can be worn with jeans, dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, leggings and the list goes on. The only rule when you are wearing glitter is, to HAVE FUN and to style it as you would with any other shoe. Does it get any better than that? We don’t think so. 

Here at Lola Ramona we see that you guys love a good glitter heel, boot or sneaker to brighten up your day. We have glitter shoes in every color possible, so you won’t have any trouble finding your next pair of glitter shoes at Lola Ramona.

Everytime you look down at your shiny shoes, you'll smile from ear to ear and you'll get tons of compliments from people. Not only, do you look good, you feel good and that is the feeling Lola Ramona glitter shoes give you. You will radiate confidence and good energy. 

Shiny glitter shoes can be a good conversation piece, which means you will be talking to a lot of new people. And who knows? Maybe you will get a new friend or significant other out of it? That is a win-win, if you ask us. 

Glittery Lola Ramona shoes are the perfect final touch to any outfit, if you want to feel like the star that you are. Glitter can be a simple accent, but it will make it stand out and shine even brighter than you already do. It is simply something you can’t live without. 

If you need a little bit more convincing and inspiration, then take a look at these amazing women wearing beautiful Lola Ramona glitter shoes, heels and sneakers in their everyday life.

#Glitterhero Priest Liane

You will find Liane as street priest on Vesterbro or in uKirke.

Liane is wearing our glittery Alice Night Rider and she described them as walking on clouds. It's safe to say that these are comfortable, when she is able to walk in them all day long, without feeling any discomfort. 

What Liane says about Glitter

"In my work, glitter is a way for me to show that this it is a joyish occasion. That could be a wedding or a baptism. It symbolizes happiness, so I will wear it to spread joy whenever im in the church or on the street"

Priest Liane

#Glitterhero Dog Walker Jenni 

Jenni Jet is an independant music PR agent. She mixes up her denim, workwear and vintage look with glitter, also on a regular boring Monday when she passes by the Lola Studio with her sweet dog Buddy.

Jenni is wearing our Allison Hearttoe, a super comfortable and fashion forward, old style shoe, that sparkles with eye catching pink colors and glitter.

What Jenni says about Glitter

"Everyday we take a walk out in the street and as much as everyone loves Buddy, it’s not only him that gets people’s attention - it’s also my shoes" 

Jenni the Dog Walker wearing Allison Hearttoe

#Glitterhero Business owner Louise 

Louise is the new co-owner of Lola Ramona. She is also our link to the Festival Gutter Island, where she is the head of merch. Before joining team Lola, she spent her life being a Tailor and Theatre Costumer.

Louise's choice today Audrey Divine, an absolutely jaw dropping, elegant shoe, that is covered in beautiful jewels from top to toe.

What Louise says about Glitter
"Everyday glitter is an absolute must in my eyes. Fashion and makeup is nothing if not a colorful playground – and glitter is another color on that palette. Sparkling shoes should not be saved for special occasions – love and use them every day like we do. I guarantee you it will brighten your mood."
Louise wearing Judy Divine
Can't get enough?
If you can't get enough of glitter shoes, just like these women, then hop on over to our glitter shoe collection right here and buy your next pair of Lola Ramona glitter shoes. 

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