MATCH IT: How To Match Bags and Shoes ala Lola Ramona Style

MATCH IT: How To Match Bags and Shoes ala Lola Ramona Style

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Don't we just love wearing accessories that match? We sure do. One of the unwritten rules of fashion comes from the question of whether or not to co-ordinate or match your clothes with your accessories. Some find it a no-no or brow-rising. Why would you wear the same color or print all over? But to some, it’s a fashion statement. Afterall, real style comes from successfully coordinating or matching colors and textures. Or in other words, doing ‘matchy matchy’ with your outfit which is now a popular trend to do.

So, should you match your shoes with your bags? Today, that warrants a lot of answers. But you can be sure of one thing, at Lola Ramona we love matching accessories.

That's what we have in mind for our newest collection Match It -- a collection which is dedicated to help our clients ease the burden of finding the right handbags to match their shoes. In this collection, we released different styles and types of handbags that you can match with different types of shoes we have at Lola Ramona, or maybe even some of your own. #MatchIt urges you to be creative and playful with your outfit. There’s really no specific rule as to how you should match your bags and shoes. There’s no Lola Ramona fashion police that would come out and arrest you for wearing the wrong co-ord -- this is about ultimate freedom!

But let us take you through some tips and tricks and show you how to match your accessories and outfit ala Lola Ramona style.

1. Always color-code. When we pair up accessories  at Lola Ramona, the number one thing we follow is to coordinate the colors and it always works! Follow the base color of your shoes and bags to match it together. 

Katie Bucket and Kitten Punk share the same base color palette of black and white that's why they match together. 

2. See the prints, patterns, textures and materials! Co-ord through matching prints and patterns on your clothes or accessories. This gives out a well put out look in your overall get up. Like the color code, you can always look at the most prominent print or pattern and base your shoes or bags from that. 

Debbie Tartan and Ava Medley look as if they were cut from the same cloth. That's why they match so perfectly. 

Debbie Tiger and Allison Animal share the same print and love for animal prints.

3. Take note of any distinct details. The details can be as big as the texture and materials or as small as a ribbon or button that has a distinct color than the rest. You can use details like this to decide on which shoes and bags to match. 

Jackie Glam shares the same golden yellow color with Serena Punk

Both made of leather materials, Jackie Glam and Shelly Gutter  pair up well especially with their black color and a hint of yellow. 

Ava Luxury's leather finish matches well with Jackie Glam's very own and together they look as classy. 

4. Follow the lines and stripes. Apply the obvious by coordinating shoes and bags with the same line and stripes not to beat your OCD but only because it just simply looks good together. Same with the prints, make sure they don’t clash by matching different patterns. 

Debbie Parallel and Allison Brogue  both share the same color shades and similar patterns.  

Serena Myzan and Metis handbag are the perfect pair with stripes and color combinations of white, black and red. 

5. Experiment! If all else fails and nothing seems to match, just experiment! You’re free to mix and match however you like, no one’s going to stop you. The worst that could happen is for your outfit to look boring because you refuse to experiment on them. And we don’t like being bored!

Coordinating our accessories and shoes is always a part of our art at Lola Ramona. That is why in every post we make, we make sure to add fashion shots of every product to help our clients envision them in a full get up.  But we are also, above all, a brand that promotes creativity and self expression. For us every match works because we believe that ultimately it is the attitude and confidence of the wearer that makes all the pieces come together beautifully. So, be creative and be yourself.

Now, this here is Jackie Multi, and she wants you to pair her with any shoes you think looks well with her. Are you up for the challenge? 

Write us on the comment about which shoes you think will look best with Jackie Multi. 
Happy matching!

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