Unleash your wild side, in an ethically responsible way!

At Lola Ramona challenging convention is our thrust, its what the company was founded upon. So we try to challenge norms with every collection we create, this winter our collections have been no different and if there was one collection to epitomise this drive it’s the wild vegan collection.



The Wild Vegan collection looks to push boundaries by creating styles that are free from any animal products but look like they are not! We have combined an array of different snakeskin materials into this collection both in shoes and bags in some of Lola Ramona’s most popular styles.


The pairing of Vegan and non-Vegan is meant to challenge the wearer of these products. Reptile skin is the anthesis of a vegan material yet here we are now creating shoes to look as though they are made from animals but in fact, are totally ethical. They will create debate and foster conversation, all at the same time looking absolutely amazing.


Unleash your wild side, in an ethically responsible way!

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