A Catch Up With Harley Queen!

As the dust settles on another successful pride week in Copenhagen, we speak to our favourite drag queens, the one and only Harley Queen after her 6th Copenhagen Pride Week.  
Harley is a fantastic ambassador for our brand and someone we have worked with on many occasions. She embodies the Lola Ramona brand: loud, different, glamorous and beautiful; these all describe the core of Lola Ramona. She even took to the Denmark’s Got Talent stage in a pair of Lola Ramona’s!
We asked Harley about her fashion icons and her inspirations:
LR: Who would you consider your influences with regards to fashion, or who are some of your fashion icons?
HQ: I don’t really look to fashion dictators. Fashion today is too subcultural to dictate if you ask me. I love people who create their own unique style, whether it’s just a freak flag that flies or it gets band-wagonned like crazy and becomes the next trend!
Personally, I like what looks good on me. It can be a vintage lace blouse and a high waisted leather skirt or a something Kill Bill inspired.
LR: If you could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your what are you choosing?
HQ: Heels, heels, heels, I Looooooove heels! They can never be high enough!
LR: Agree, agree, agree! In that case this may be a silly question but what was it that attracted you to Lola Ramona shoes?
HQ: It was definitely your Marilyn’s that attracted me. Their design and uniqueness. And after trying on my first pair I was sold. The comfort is heavenly!
LR: We love Marylin, we haven’t made a pair in that style for a while but it’s on our to do list so keep those eyes peeled! Thank you so much for your time today and we hope you enjoy the shoes!
Harley is modelling our Angie P Jazz and Ramona Sharp. Links to these two designs are below.
We can’t wait to collaborate more with this fantastic Queen! Thank you, Harley, for your time. You can follow Harley @theonly_harleyqueen on Instagram!
Check the shoes out here:

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