Red Shoe Leader Award - Gitte Sandquist

We are absolutely delighted to announce that our Founder and CEO Gitte Sandquist has been recognized by the Red Shoe Movement and awarded a ‘Red Shoe Leader Award’. In their press release they noted that:
“Many dedicated people are doing valuable, game-changing, inclusion work in their organizations.
Gitte Sandquist is one of them, she’s the perfect example of a professional changing work environments while leveling the playing field for women.”
The Red Shoe movement and Lola Ramona have had a long-standing relationship as the values of this movement are so close to those of Lola Ramona’s. Empowerment of women is something we hope to achieve minute by minute by bringing gorgeous shoes to women Across the world. These shoes, designed to exude class style and attitude, help women to feel as confident as they can in their own skin when they go out into this world and to strive to be the greatest that they can be. Our part is small but it’s a commitment we always work hard to uphold.
In this time of international strife, good news is always good news so we as a company, and particularly Gitte, are delighted to accept this award and that the Red Shoe Movement for the courage they show in their conviction towards woman around the world.


  • Lydia Løvstrøm

    Smukke sko😊

  • Charlotte Broaden

    Congratulations Gitte, this is well deserved ❤️

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