LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - Life is never boring in Lola-Land!

LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - Life is never boring in Lola-Land!

About Monday being the best first day of the week, a busy office, and a fabulous fashion trip to Berlin.
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Monday? Now where did the weekend go?
Well it doesn’t really matter where it went, as long as we all spend the best possible time with it :)
… and it WILL be back soon. Yay! )

So here we are. Re-energized and ready to take on the Monday. A Monday that greeted us with the most beautiful winter sun, shining down on us from a clear blue sky, adding even more energy to our bodies and souls.

And boy do we need that energy!
This week will be full of everything else but boredom. And we like that :)
Maria just came back from a one week road trip in the sales-mobile, visiting old and new clients, and bringing back new orders and exiting stories from the world outside the Lola office.
As soon as Maria entered the door, she was passed by Gitte and Farhad, heading out for an exciting adventure south of the Danish border. "What?" Read more about this in just a few seconds.
At the office we will be busy with preparations of the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, receiving goods from the Spring/Summer collection, setting up an office server (yes. Of cause Christina will make sure that this is done correctly), a system adjustment of the total stock count, meeting retail clients in the showroom, AND setting up for the big SALE at the end of January.
No, life is never boring in Lola-Land!

“So where did Gitte and Farhad go?”
They packed the Lola Ramona Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, their good looks and best smiles, and travelled to:

Panorama, Berlin. This is a big fashion trade fair which has been taking place in the amazing city of Berlin since January 2013.  Panorama has since evolved into one of the leading trade shows of Berlin Fashion Week.
This is an exciting place for Lola Ramona to be, and a perfect chance to meet up with Agents, buyers, and representatives of the press - and get a direct reaction on the Lola collection.

We want to wish Gitte and Farhad good luck and hope that they will get lots of new Lola friends while they are there :)
We also hope to give YOU a “live” update from the fair in the next blog-post this Wednesday.

Please feel welcome to follow our daily life in the world of Lola Ramona. Also feel free to leave a comment or ask any question you may have. This can be done right here in the very bottom of the page or on our Facebook page under the blog-post.

We hope that you had or will have a joyful Monday and that we will see you soon.

Lots of love
Lola Ramona

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