Something about Friday the 13th and how to turn it into a lucky day
Friday the 13th.  - Uh oh!
We all know the date today withoUt even having to look at oUr calendars.

Maybe yoU miss the bUs by jUst a few seconds and end Up being fashionable late.
Maybe yoU find yoUr trUsted bicycle with a flat tire, gasping for air.
It coUld be that yoU leave for work with yoUr kids’ lUnchbox, or...
jUst maybe, as it happened to Christine today, yoU find yoUrself wearing

mismatched shoes. - Oh the horror!

Angie Apron Slipper Peggy Retro Small Viola Silver
(Angie Apron Slipper say hello to Peggy Retro. - Oops!)

That's when yoU KNOW that it’s Friday the 13th. Or is it?
CoUld it be that these incidents actUally coUld happen on any given day?

Well of coUrse they coUld. After all it is jUst a Friday and it jUst happens to be the 13th day of the month.
Unless you tend to be a little bit sUperstitious. Something which, according to Wikipedia, qUite a lot of Us are. In fact so many of Us, that it has an impact on the economy several places in the world. We actUally tend to stay inside more on this date!  

Now this is not all bad becaUse…

FUN FACT: In the Netherlands the DUtch Centre for InsUrance Statistics has stated that fewer accidents occUr when the 13th of a month falls on a Friday than on other Fridays, becaUse people seem to be a little more carefUl on this “unlUcky” day.

Hmmm… Maybe we coUld Use a lot more of these days then :)

Fingers (very) crossed and the best of lUck to all of YOU!
SuperstitioUs or not, we at Lola Ramona wishes yoU the very best of Fridays.
We simply love oUr Fridays at the office. This is the day to celebrate that we all made it throUgh yet another bUsy and exiting week. Smiles and laUghter come easy on Fridays. Popcorn tastes mUch better on Fridays. We LOVE Fridays.

Remember that Friday the 13th is nothing bUt a sweet and happy welcome to the weekend :)

“Do not worry aboUt this UnlUcky day
This blog will help yoU throUgh
With sixty lUcky horseshoes
DisgUised as a U”

Lots of Luck & love
Lola Ramona

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