LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - From Lola with LOVE!

LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - From Lola with LOVE!

Golden gems, cardboard crisis, box bending, and a BIG thank you all.
We all thought that the strong wind blowing through the streets of wonderful Copenhagen would be the real talk of the office today. Birds flying backwards and hats changing owners :)
BUT this suddenly felt like nothing compared to the “wind” generated by all the activity happening on the Lola web-shop. More about this later…

As mentioned in the last blog, Gitte was on a quest for “special shoes” at our stockroom. Cleaning out and looking for nice things to offer you on our shop. In the beginning of the evening she sends us this photo saying “YAY! I found something!”

Lola Ramona Shoes Bags Sale  

Very good, we thought. These are some very cute items BUT will it be enough to go as a “Clean-Out sale”? Then a few minutes later this photo popped up in the in-box.

Lola Ramona Shoes Bags Sale
Wow! This photo shows us two things:
1. How amazingly many golden gems there were hiding around the stockroom.
2. (and this is even more amazing) Just how incredible fast Gitte is at finding them :)

OK… the gold had been found and a note about the clean-out sale was posted on the Lola Ramona Facebook page.
Now this brings us back to the virtual wind on our ever so real on-line store, because…

- You people are AMAZING!!!

The way that YOU embrace ideas like this, and the way you participate in the sales just keep on wowing us. Thank you so VERY much! This is what makes the hard work of a clean-up like this worthwhile. We are very happy that these items will find owners that really appreciate them. YAY!

In fact you seem to appreciate them so much, that we all almost got blown away by the order-activity on the web-shop. Actually we needed a special delivery of cardboard boxes to be able to pack all your orders.

Lola Ramona Showroom Shoes and Boxes

We made it! All the orders places yesterday have left the office and stockroom today, or will go out early tomorrow.
Thank you all once again :)

The clean-out sale is still going on, and you can browse the items right here on this page. We hope that you will find something you like.

Please follow us on Facebook to keep day-to-day updated and stop by this blog again every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Have a great Thursday!

Lots of LOVE
Lola Ramona

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