LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - Baby, it’s cold outside!

LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - Baby, it’s cold outside!

Something about a winter flu, a warehouse search for a special shoe, and a leather advice just for YOU.

Winter is here!
This weekend the first snowflakes gracefully fell down on Lola Land. And even though it was too hot for the snow to stay, it was sure cold enough to send the blog writer of to bed with the flu. That’s why this Friday was without any news on the blog.
Now we’re all back on our feet and ready to rock the office :)

Well... in fact we are not all here. Gitte, our chief, founder and amazing Lola-mom, has left the office to go and clean out our warehouse. We have to make room for new arrivals, so for the next couple of days Gitte will be looking for “hidden gold” in the warehouse. This is very good news for YOU. Because she told us before she left, that whatever goodies she may find, we will put up for sale on the web-shop at nice prices. We are all very excited about what she will be able to find on the shelves and in the boxes over there… 

Keep an eye out for more news about this, right here or on the Lola Ramona Facebook page.

Lola Ramona Liza Black and White Boots

Warm feet and happy boots.
To avoid picking up a bad cold during the sometimes harsh wintertime, we all know how important it is to keep our feet warm and dry. Yes it’s time again to dig out the favorite winter boots from the closet. There they are. Warm and cozy and ready to bring you comfortable and safely to work, or letting you enjoy an extended walk in a snow-clad winter landscape. Maybe they are even your best “secret weapon” in a snowball fight :)

Surely a warm and comfortable boot will make any winter-activity more fun. Therefor we cannot say too often, just how important it is to keep your trusted boots happy too. Winter can be ruff on leather footwear. The leather keeps getting wet and dry, over and over again during the winter season, and this can have a bad effect on the natural leather. That’s why we recommend you to go and find some leather grooming products. Impregnation-spray to be used before you leave the house and a good shoe polish to be applied after you have dried your boots by the fireplace or radiator. At least once during the season you should also take the time to treat your footwear with shoe fat, to avoid the leather drying out. By doing this your trusted boots will be kept happy and will be ready to take you out, season after season.

If you by any chance haven’t prepared yourself for winter, we still have several nice, warm and beautiful styles left on our web-shop:

Now this was the 10th blog update since we kicked it off. We hope that you still enjoy following us. We sure enjoy doing it :)

Lots of warm LOVE
Lola Ramona

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