LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - Christmas spirit and glamorous wishes

LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - Christmas spirit and glamorous wishes

Christmas time! We absolutely LOVE it. The warm and cozy candle lights. The decorations and expectations. The parties and celebrations. In this blog we are turning up the Christmas spirit. You are being introduced to the staff. We want to know about your Christmas wish lists. Welcome to Christmas LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA.

Monday? Again? Already?

Well it doesn’t really matter when the office-day starts out with Tom Jones singing Christmas carols and everybody’s smiling faces indicate that the Christmas spirit is upon us all. Now Monday easily becomes Funday. - Hooray! :)

Oh and when the mandatory Monday-meeting gets all sugared up by nom nom candy kindly given to us by an outside partner, then the mood is really set for a cozy Christmas themed blog.

Today, and the rest of December we want to introduce you to the sweet and hardworking staff behind Lola Ramona.
We will do this by letting them talk a little about Christmas and by letting them share their very special Lola-wishes.

Now this should be fun. We will start out with our web-shop manager Christine.

(Unfortunately Christine was at a well deserved lunchbreak when we stopped by her workplace)

Christine is our always warm and smiling (and often singing) manager of both our web-shop and showroom. If you have bought a Lola item on our shop within the past 18 months your order has almost certainly been through the caring hands of Christine. Being a colorful fun loving person it’s not a surprise to find sparkling and happy Lola styles on her personal Top 6 Lola Ramona wish list. For the forthcoming December parties Christine would like to wear:

"These models got to be the perfect choice if you want to be noticed in the otherwise dark December landscape. We haven’t been able to test it yet BUT we are pretty sure that these three styles are able to melt even the coldest snowman", Christine says. – "Great materials. Nice finish and lovely colors. They have been a popular item on the shop and you need to be quick if you would like to get a pair", she adds.

Christine is also into the more classic and elegant look. Still with a twist though. To get this look her choice would be:

Bettie Page bag

"This is super everyday wear that can easily be worn at parties as well. And the Bettie Page bag can carry more than 36 snowballs. Watch out!!!"

Hahaha! Thank you very much Christine. That’s a very nice list.

Now we all know what type of Lola shoes Christine would like to celebrate the Christmas holidays in. But how about YOU?
Do you have a special Lola item for this time of year? Or do you have a Top 6 Lola Ramona wish list too?
Please share and let us know. It’s the season for celebration and parties, so let’s inspire each other.

Thank you all for your time. Have a perfect start of the week and we will see each other again this Wednesday :)

Lots of LOVE
Lola Ramona

Ooh by the way! Did you know that from today and the rest of December we have this treat for you:


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