LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - New Kicks on The Blog

LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - New Kicks on The Blog

This is IT! This is the first blog straight from the heart of Lola Ramona. LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA is here for YOU. We want you to get closer to our everyday life and to get behind the scene of Lola Ramona. And even better. We want YOU to be a part of it!

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YAY! We are sooo excited!!!
Lola Ramona is entering the big and wonderful world of internet blogging.
We want to do this to give YOU the opportunity to peak into our world and get a glimpse of the everyday life going on behind the scenes of the process of creating the products that we love so much.
And because LOVE is such a vital part of the Lola Ramona philosophy, and we consider you as our trusted partner, we find it only natural to invite you in and to be a closer part of our life.

So HOW do we do this?
This question is not hard to answer because it will be us doing the technical parts :)
Then WHAT would be interesting for YOU to read about?
That question is a little trickier because you are so many wonderful different persons, and what you individually would find interesting would easily be too much for this little blog to handle.
But because we very much would like you to be a part of it all here is how we will make that happen.
As your blog-hosts, we will for a start be writing about what we believe would be neat for you to read about.
You will have the opportunity to place comments below the blog and we would LOVE you to do so.
Perhaps to let us know if you found the blog interesting OR to let us know if you wish to read more about the presented or a similar subject.
So this is it! The first of many future blogs is born into this world. The blog will have new inside stories for on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.   
We are VERY excited and we hope that you will hang around and play with us :)

Lots of LOVE
Lola Ramona

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