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Meet the girls: “Angie, Elsie, Cecilia, Yvonne … The list goes on. All girls with different personalities.. Just like the Lola Ramona styles.. It has been said that shoes reflect your mood or personality. The perfect pair of shoes can make a woman feel more confident and attractive. Calling all shoe lovers! Lola Ramona specialises in traffic stopping footwear, showcasing cool, funky, quirky and sexy shoes for women who refuse to blend into the background. Lola Ramona’s shoes have been crafted with you in mind, incorporating some of the must have finishing touches to conjure up the perfect shoe magic: Dating way back in history, bows have consistently adorned ladies shoes. A beautiful feminine touch, bows can make your shoes look more fun, cute and chic. Exuberating with a playful charm, stripes and dots add that certain je ne sais quoi. What is a girl to do with so many colour options to choose from…? We can surely provide the perfect shoe for every occasion and to enhance any outfit. We’ve got the look! If you’ve got the attitude we’ve got the shoes.

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