LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - Casual Goddess Friday!

LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - Casual Goddess Friday!

About how you become the Goddess of Everything and MORE.
Once again, and without the slightest doubt, Friday has returned.
Perfectly timed as the last day of the workweek :)

Since this happy and always welcome day has its name from a Goddess (Frigg / Freya), we think it’s only natural to put focus on this beautiful phenomenon.

A Goddess of cause is a common term normally used about divine female figures with special powers or skills, populating the world of mythology. The Goddess of wisdom, The Goddess of love, The Goddess of mercy, and even the amazing The Goddess of all creations. The latter being quite a powerful title to wear. Even for a girl :)

All very astonishing names for these power-ladies, BUT the real beauty of this phenomenon is, that there's room for Goddesses of everything. Even in our everyday, let’s say, more “earthly” world.

(The Goddess Frigg having a cozy evening spinning the clouds)

Just look at the picture above. Miss Frigg is actually just sitting in her chair doing her everyday work, spinning the clouds. Nothing Goddess-ish about that really.
Then look at her ultra-cute bewinged headpiece.
THIS is what turns her into a Goddess doing something really amazing.
It’s all about HOW you do it when you do it :)
Way to go Frigg!

This means that YOU can be a Goddess too. All you have to do is to release her.
You could decide to be The Goddess of family, The Goddess of warm hugs, The Goddess of Saturday night’s party, The Goddess of advanced kitchen appliances, The Goddess of style, The Goddess of you.

As the author of the novel The Mists of Avalon, Virginia Zimmer Bradley puts it:
I have called on the Goddess and found her within myself” 

Let’s embrace this thought, and we can all be Goddesses ourselves of whatever we do. 
Example: You go to the post office to post a letter. Nothing extraordinary about that.
Then you add this…


…and you go back to the same post office posting a letter again, and TADAAH!
you can call yourself The Goddess of letter posting!

We know of cause that it’s not always as easy as this, and perhaps we are also having a bit Friday-silly minds, but we still do believe that there’s some important truth to this.

We will leave you with the wishes of a Goddess-like weekend and some thoughtful words from the author Virginia Alison.
“Ignore the world when it forgets to tell you that you are beautiful...A goddess needs no reminding...

See you soon!

Lots of love
Lola Ramona

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