LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - Big L.O.V.E. & Amazing London Edge news!

LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - Big L.O.V.E. & Amazing London Edge news!

Something about loving YOU, and being the star of the fashion show.

Tomorrow is the day of LOVE.
It’s also the perfect day to celebrate YOU!

Because even though this day is known as the day, where you spend some extra romantic time with the love of your life, you still have to remember this:
No matter if you have a sweetheart, are happily married, or just enjoying time alone, there will always be a special one for you. One you should always love and pamper.

So use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to do something extra good to yourself. Eat your favorite food. Watch your favorite movie. Eat sweets. Go shopping. Relax. Read a book. Whatever you do, just remember to pay sweet and loving attention to that wonderful person in your mirror :)


Good news from London Edge just came in.
As you know we have Gitte and Farhad in London at the moment, representing Lola Ramona at the very cool and festive London Edge fashion fair.
A rocky start with a 3 hours luggage delay at the airport simply cannot shake professionals like these two Lola’s.
Shortly after arrival Gitte and Farhad set up the Lola booth with the very few materials they were able to bring by plane.

Lola Ramona London Edge Fashion Fair
(The Lola Ramona booth at London Edge 2017)

And how about this!
After a lot of hard work (and yet another pair of torn stockings) the booth turned out amazing.
In fact it turned out so good that it also turned the heads of the visitors of the fair.
We are very proud to show you this star :)

YES! Lola Ramona won Best Retro Footwear Brand!
Congratulations to Gitte and Farhad.
Hurray Lola Ramona!

We wish Gitte and Farhad a great last day on the fair and can’t wait to give them a warm welcome home.

Have a very nice evening.
See you soon.
And remember to give yourself the best possible Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

Lots of love
Lola Ramona

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