In L*O*V*E with Stripes

Lola Ramona has always been associated with stripes, bows and dots. And today we will tell you about our stripes.
Lola Ramona has always been associated with stripes, bows and dots. And today we will tell you about our stripes.


With Lola Ramona, we wanted to design extraordinary women's shoes, that every fashionable woman should have in her closet. Over time she would acquire an extensive Lola Ramona-collection and would want a new closet to fit them all #IKEAhack. For us, that means to make designer shoes that are a testament to individuality and creativity. It is all about having fun and not following conventions. If you already know our collections, you'll know that it is all about getting your creativity into gear by designing this season's new kicks!


We were looking at the selections of women's footwear and was missing that little something that would make us “tick”.
In 2006 not many designer brands did anything else but black or brown heels and we decided to do something about it! We covered the heels with leather in layers - striped black and white - and it looked fantastic. This gave each and every product that touch of individuality, we were looking for. Today, the striped heels is actually a style trend we're seeing everywhere. Hurrah!


Stripes are the strongest graphic signature Lola Ramona got.
Stripes are special, beautiful and naughty and can give any shoe that extra “tick”. And depending on the combinations of colours the stripes can make you feel different things. Stripes can make the heel of a pump look like a piece of candy, making you feel bubbly and cheerful. And by supplementing a striped heel on a basic black boot you ad a touch of individuality and grant that boot a little extra character.

At Lola Ramona, we make all the designs and all the production ourselves. We do a lot of drawings to get the designs right where stripes, lines and patterns are filling most of our day. Our never-ending striped universe extends the designs to go on forever. It´s adventurous. We know that we, unfortunately, do not have the exclusive rights to stripes. Never the less… We feel very comfortable in this universe. 


Striped heels in Lola Ramona showroom!

Shoes and bags in Lola Ramona showroom!

A peek into Lola Ramona showroom with shoes and bags!

Shoes and bags in Lola Ramona stripy showroom!


Buy the graphic t-straped shoe Ava Classy at Lola Ramona today!

Ava Classy - Leather
140 EURBuy the striped wedge bootie Ketty Gorgeous at Lola Ramona today!

Ketty Gorgeous - Vegan
160 EUR

Buy the striped handbag Joan Duo at Lola Ramona today!

Joan Duo - Vegan
83 EUR


Continue the adventurous journey in Lola Ramona's striped universe.
You will find more adventures at: 
What about you?
How do you stripe up your day?
Feel free to post your stripy ideas, thoughts...


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