The Peculiar World of Lola Ramona - designer shoes and bags

The Peculiar World of Lola Ramona

Dive into the peculiar world of Lola Ramona. Let us give you a small peek into the universe that drives the inspiration to make our designs.

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Let us give you a small peek into the universe that drives the inspiration to make our designs.

Most of the time the inspiration comes from strange universes. In our world, you would expect a Zebra to come strolling by. But it would be a Zebra gold-coloured unicorn-Leopard mythical creature.
The inspirational wonderland of Lola Ramona offers this kind of out-of-this-world visuals.


You could say that the peculiar world that surrounds us, is our mood board. We find great inspiration in fantasy worlds like Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka or Miss Peregrine, but especially in the atmospheres, we create ourselves!
The inspiration comes from dolls, unicorns, clowns, beautiful gardens, funny hats, elegant materials, the good old days, and the list goes on…

The point is: This is the place where you're allowed to tab into a fantasy and pick the part you like the best - the sky's the limit, really. We enjoy and praise those adventurous worlds, which will puzzle you, and make you wonder; “Is this for real?”. Now you could think; “They are having fun, but are their products only for fun?”. We like to have fun and to work in fantastic surroundings while we are designing. This is what gives us the little extra mojo, which we then transfer into our products. 

But don´t be mistaken! When it comes to the actual design and manufacturing of shoes and handbags, our work is straight as an arrow, and the design is tight and well defined. We only work with the best materials, and we are very careful that all the details are made to perfection and with immense precision.

At Lola Ramona, we do not see ourselves as put on this earth to make the traditional pump. So many other companies do that. We are here to transform these peculiar ideas into magnificent products. We strive to twist each and every design into something really unique, which we sincerely feel, that all women deserve!



Take this Leopard printed shoe and Zebra striped heel for example. Like taken from a mythical creature, from another dimension. Yes… It works! And it´s wonderful, elegant and comfortable.




Was this the pair of shoes, which Alice wore in Wonderland? Maybe, maybe not. But something close to. We added a snake pattern to the finish and sprinkled it with gold dots inside and made sure, that you will make nice striped footprints as you walk along.



Is this a retro stiletto from the 80’s? Or is it a rare sci-fi object from a different future? It almost looks a little bit like a unicorn or perhaps more like a polka dotted fish. It doesn´t really matter. The product is tremendously cool, and not something you will find anywhere else.


Now we have given you a little peek into our unique and peculiar world. Feel free to continue the adventurous journey through the magical wonderland of Lola Ramona.

You will find more adventures at: 

Enjoy the rest of your stay and have a safe journey!


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