La Carmina  - A statement personality

La Carmina - A statement personality

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Who is La Carmina?
She is a OG fashion and travel blogger - She´s been running her La Carmina blog ( since 2007.
Sharing personal stories of alternative, retro, Gothic style and culture around the world -- from Art Deco Weekend in Miami, to vampire graveyards in Romania, and industrial festivals in Germany.
She has travelled to over 70 countries, and wore Lola Ramona on some of her most exciting trips - including to the Pyramids of Egypt.
In addition to blogging, She´s written 3 books and freelance for a variety of travel / culture outlets, and also appear regularly on travel TV shows.
Perhaps you've seen her on The Purge TV, No Reservations promo, Bizarre Foods, Oddities, Taboo, and more.
You can keep track of her adventures on her site and social media @lacarmina (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc).
LaCarmina in Chloe Verve
We asked her how it all got started.
For as long as I can remember, I felt fascinated by all things underground and obscure. I was like the girl in "Ghost World," looking for exotic VHS tapes and sneaking into fetish fashion stores!
I started my La Carmina blog simply because I enjoyed writing and connecting with others over these niche interests, such as Japanese Goth bands, retro pin-up style, and "kawaii" cute culture.
I was an early adopter to blogging and it fortunately took off, leading to opportunities I didn't think were possible -- such as traveling to dozens of countries a year for work, and appearing on major network TV shows.
I'm eternally grateful and in awe of this roller-coaster ride, and I'll keep doing it if it remains fun and meaningful. I am happy if I can share positive stories of subcultures and individuals (like Israeli drag queens, Burmese punk rockers, and Japanese body modification artists), who tend to be overlooked or misunderstood.
What inspires you?
My friends can attest that I have all sorts of offbeat passions, which don't always make sense.
I'm infatuated with Seinfeld, italo disco music, sun protection and scientific skincare, efficiency hacks... And I always feel inspired by Gothic art, culture and fashion, whether it's decadent architecture or an Alexander McQueen gown. 
A love for Lola Ramona.
As a fashion blogger, I've made it my mission to focus on independent, alternative designers -- and Lola Ramona is one of my favorites!
I love the personalized attention that goes to each customer, and the community that you've created.
My personal style draws upon a variety of alt influences, including vintage and pin-up, so I adore incorporating Lola Ramona's designs into my wardrobe.
The sneakers are a favorite new addition -- instead of having to go to a sports store, I can now rock your beautiful leather shoes with playful elements like bows and hearts.

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