A Chat With Cherry Rat

For this installment of our fashion blog we spoke to Brazilian pin-up model Cherry Rat. We have always loved her style and were thrilled when we finally got the chance to collaborate with her earlier this year. 
So we virtually bridged the geographical distance between Las Vegas and Copenhagen to ask her some questions...
Cherry Rat
Cherry in June Luscious
LR: So, for our readers who are not familiar with you, give us a quick synopsis? 

CR: I’m Cherry Rat. A Brazilian girl living the American dream in Las Vegas. I love vintage, from clothes to mid century houses, from music to decoration and I’m more introverted than people think I am.
Cherry Rat
Cherry in Serena Referee
LR: So what is it that you do?
CR: I am singer and pinup model. I started both careers about 10 years ago in Brazil and I moved to the USA to be closer to the rockabilly scene.
June Luscious
 LR: Why did you end up choosing these paths for your career?
CR: It’s both my passions combined. I always wanted to be a model when I was a kid, but I never had the right height or weight for it. I also started learning instruments when I was 9 years old and when I discovered rockabilly, it was like it was meant to be. Pinup girl, rockabilly singer. That’s just who I am.
 Serena Referee
LR: Fab! Is there anything that really inspires you?
CR: Everything basically. Movies, songs, books, nature, colors, photography, ... inspiration come from everywhere, you just need to open your mind for it.
Cherry Rat
Amazing. So, why do you love Lola Ramona?
Lola Ramona has the styles I like to put together my pinup outfits in a very comfortable way and, at the same time, it has very comfortable sneakers I’m using to exercise, keeping mind and body healthy for my day to day life.
Cherry Rat

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