A Journey with a Corporate Creative

Kirstine in Dakota Raven
My passion is all about building amazing diversive teams and working with them to deliver great content. Nerdy but true.
Three years ago, I got a promotion. I had been waiting for the go ahead for a new business project and I was stepping up to become CEO. But instead of accepting the promotion I resigned with a month’s notice and started on a very interesting and weird journey to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, my career and my creativity.
I started out as a television producer, co-created the first ever Danish conference for creatives within the digital content business, started my own business (and closed it down again) and ended up as a creative consultant working in Copenhagen and Stockholm.
Kirstine in Audrey Morticia
I have learned much about my creativity and what makes me happy but my most important learnings from all my strange adventures has been too fail fast, move forward without any fear and always accept coffee invitations from people who reach out.
Eight months ago, my friend Felicia told me, that I had much in common with another of her friends and she would like to introduce us to explore our shared interest in native advertising and digital business models and thereby relieving her of the agony of our nerdy rambling. That meeting sent me in a new direction and that cup of coffee turned into an opportunity which again turned into the most interesting job I never thought I wanted.
Today I am building and running a new set up within Dagbladet Børsen called Børsen Live. A very old and traditional financial newspaper with great digital ambitions. I get to create projects that transcends the traditional silos to reach new audiences. And I love it!
I love all my Lola Ramona’s because they light up my day and reminds me of a promise, I gave myself. To have fun and stay true to my passion and my creativity. Right now I look forward to spring. I miss the sun and I miss wearing my Ramona Booties. Sleek and so beautiful. When the sneakers became part of the Lola Ramona collection, I immediately fell in love with them. My favourite work sneakers are Serena Referee but my next buy will be Serena Leopard. But so difficult to choose!!