Birta And Stella - We talk to two Icelandic sisters about fashion and the difference they see in the Icelandic and Danish scene

Birta And Stella - We talk to two Icelandic sisters about fashion and the difference they see in the Icelandic and Danish scene

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BIrta and Stella in Lola Ramona
Birta and Stella are sisters both originally from Reykjavík, Iceland. A small, island nation in the North Atlantic that more than accounts up for its relatively tiny population with its huge contribution to the arts.

It is evident as soon as you touch down at the blustery Keflavík airport that you have arrived in a magical, movie set like, land full of wonderful scenery and even more wonderful people. So we were very intrigued to find out more about these two sisters. 

Stella is a manager at Spúútnik, a funky second hand store in Reykjavík that is packed with character and personality. Her sister Birta, has made the leap that so many Icelanders do and travelled across to Copenhagen to study. She is enrolled at KEA studying Jewellery Design, Business and Technology.
Both girls have a wonderfully individual style that really drew our eye at Lola Ramona. So we asked the girls what is it that inspires you, and what are the main differences you see in fashion in Iceland and Denmark?
What inspires me the most is probably my job. Working in  vintage fashion is a dream for me. To be able to wear something that you don't know who owned before you is so interesting and a beautiful concept. I try to be as sustainable in my choice of clothing as possible so the vintage fashion business is perfect for me.

I also get a lot of inspiration from Instagram, I save about 300 photos a day on Instagram. But my biggest inspiration is my beautiful sister Birta!

The fashion culture in Iceland is so big and so diverse! I love how outgoing the people are here. I think the reason why we are so different from other countries in Scandinavia is that we are so few - with only 300.000 people everyone wants to show their own style, but we are very influenced by the Scandinavian style as well.
I find the most inspiration from my surroundings whether it’s my style or designs, when I’m designing it is all about a concept; how does it fit into my life, where do I see it in the future, does it match, where did it come from and what is my manifesto?  These all have a big effect on my style.

However, I've also been trying to keep up with my big sister for years now, she's truly a huge style inspiration and has a really unique way of finding new things and putting them together <3

We are a good example of the difference in Reykjavik and Copenhagen when it comes to style, here it's definitely more minimal and some statement pieces while at home you are the statement and that's something I definitely miss! Like my sister I love to look at Instagram and Pinterest. I just look for hours and save pictures, it makes me rethink so many things and find a way to implement it into my life. 
It Is fascinating to look at the two girls and see the differences in their styles. For Birta there is a clear alignment with the more minimal Copenhagen style but there is no doubt that Icelandic flare is still there! That flare is for all to see with Stella and her use of colour and texture combinations for exciting new looks! 
This is the reason the girls caught the eye at Lola Ramona, We wanted to see how our shoes would look when we gave two girls with amazingly individual styles the chance to break the mould with some of our shoes. We have not been
disappointed and have loved every second of seeing these awesome shoes being worn in a different and exciting ways that are so starkly contrasting to our history with the retro and pin up subcultures.

We finally asked the girls how they liked the shoes and we got the exact same answer back... "I love them, they are so comfortable". Now that is something we are used to here!

Birta Was wearing Gringo Chameleon - Vegan and Stella was wearing Eileen Forest - Vegan
Check out the girls Instagram accounts here 
Also for anyone travelling to Reykjavík make sure to check out Spúútnik