Tine Helleshøj - A Copenhagen artist with a love for Red

My name is Tine Helleshøj. I’m a Copenhagen based artist. Art has been my lifelong passion and livelihood. My inspiration has mostly come from urban life and all the wonderful people I meet and their stories. Often representing a strong female perspective. Recently, with age, nature has sneaked in as both material and inspiration :-)
My painting career was, early on, built around bold colorful pin ups, I am naturally drawn to bright colors and all that glitters :-) and although my work has changed a lot, towards a more cubist and visually calm direction, also using nature’s more subtle colors, my personal wardrobe seems to stay quite colorful and somewhat exaggerated. It holds everything from ghetto glam, Rock’n Roll, street, ladylike to avant-garde artsy fartsy. I have always believed you live life to the fullest with an open mind, not trying to fit any box or direction. That goes for everything in life, as well as your wardrobe.
An all time favorite is anything red !! I’ve been longing for the perfect red boot for quite a while.... and now I found it !!
I met, and instantly loved, the woman behind Lola Ramona through mutual friend, before I knew the brand.... but as my luck would have it, I also went to shoe heaven. I love everything about it ! The heels, the boots, the sneaks, the bling, the colors, the graphic looks and the “over the top- life’s a party” attitude. Right up my alley <3
Being an artist has always been my gateway to amazing experiences. But also, at some times, a lonely ride... you mostly work alone and have to follow the unwritten rules of the business. Therefore my good friend, designer Tina Borum and I, recently created NENA art and design, as our design playground and creative outlet. Keeping Mother Earth in mind, our focus is on small productions, local collabs, hand dyed and upcycled design, print on demand and limited edition art.
Webshop launching soon. Now available at Instagram/Facebook and the design shop Os Solo at Vesterbro.
Artist : @hellshigh
Shop: @ossolocph 
You can shop Tine's look from her shoot here for a limited time only! As well as other beautiful Vegan snakeskin combos here