Cecilia Gosilla - Danger still needs good support

Recently we got the chance to have a chat with an incredible performer and friend of the brand. She is a breathtaking person, inside and out! She found her true calling in life and with a little help from Lola Ramona she is rocking everyone's world! Check out what she had to say below...
I'm Cecilia Gosilla. I'm an international circus artist and professional sword swallower. I am making a combination between classic burlesque and horror freak shows in all different stages, from teater and traditional circus to nightclubs and tattoo conventions and everything in between. After working as a piercer for many years, I discovered sideshows back in 2012 and have been making a living out of performing since 2014.
I love wearing Lola Ramona when I'm performing, my Lola's are one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever tried. When I'm on a gig, I'm often in stilettos for many hours and when I'm on stage I need to feel free to move and have a safe platform when I swallow my swords or are making fire shows.
In Lola Ramona heels, I feel free and able to do the same as I can do in flats but feeling way more sexy and feminine. I heard first time about Lola from a friend and fellow performer, Trine Trash, and we all agree that wearing Lola on stage is the safe choice.
Want to see more of Cecilia? Check her out on Instagram!
Photos taken by Gaia Micatovich