Muffe - Skin deep self expression

Muffe is the 53 year old owner of one of the oldest piercing shops in Copenhagen called Copenhagen Body extremes. The shop was opened up in 1998 and has over the years built a solid clientele base and a good reputation. He has been a longtime friend of Lola Ramona and is a prime example of someone who stands up for self-expression and truly being yourself!
So, when did it all begin?
My interest with Body modifications began the first time I visited a tattoo studio when I was 8 years old. The tattoo studio was in Nyhavn right in the center of Copenhagen.
A Few years later at school, we were shown a film called Christiane F, where they were handpoking and it looked so interesting. The very next day I sat in the backrow with a needle and some ink and started tattooing myself.
I got his first earring when I was 13 because my dad and older brother already had one. I went to a small school In the countryside and there was only one girl who had her ears pierced.
So I was pretty happy standing out from a young age!
Muffe and Marilyn 
What have you had done so far?
At the moment I have 56 piercings. I have scarification, branding, a split tongue and 13 implants.
80-85% of my whole body is covered in tattoos, some places in three or four layers.
I have more than 1000 hours of tattooing from 49 different artists from 29 country’s.
I have waited for a certain artist for 8 years to get an appointment in the past. I can’t wait for the next one – he says with a big smile.
Have you ever had anything removed or any regrets?
When I was younger, I got a lot of political stuff tattooed and this is something I had covered over the years. One thing I have had completely removed is barbwire around my head. It had to go to make way for the geometric patterns I currently have tattooed on my head.
Why do you do it?
I have a big passion for self expression and body decorating! So much that I have turned it into my job. That is the best thing, right? Working with what you are passionate about!
Is there any misunderstandings about your tattoos.
I have a lot of swastikas tattooed. I really want to bring back the old knowledge about the swastika. It repeats in many cultures thought the world and in history. The oldest known Swastika is 13.000 years old. It has always been a sign of good luck, light, sun and hope. There is kind of a movement of people claiming back the meaning of the swastika. The Vikings have used it, the Buddhists have used it, Hinduism uses it. For them it´s as holy as the cross, but we just don’t see it.
I personally am an anti-fascist. I have fought Nazis and have been in jail for it. So for me it has been a very big step to get the first swastika. It’s pink and its right on top of my head!
Have you gotten any negative reactions from it?
Not really. Of-course I often have to explain it. But that is also how the knowledge gets spread.
It´s an education piece.
How do you educate people about this subject and others?
I have just said yes to participate in a kids tv show on national tv where I am going to be naked and they can ask all the questions they have about body modifications. Hopefully it will help teach kids the diversity of people. We are not all supermodels and we come in different shapes and sizes. I think this is a big part of growing into an accepting and inclusive culture.
I am also part of the human library. The Human Library is where they “publish people as open books”. It is a place where real people are on loan to readers. A place where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and answered. The Human Library is a Danish idea from 2000 and is now available in more than 80 countries.
How did you first get to know the Lola Ramona brand?
I had been partying with some friends and woke up the day after with my shoes missing and only a pair of Gitte’s Lola´s next to me. I put them on and ever since then it has become this thing that when I’m at a party with my friends I always seem to end up in a Pair of Lola Ramona Shoes.
Muffe and Marilyn 
If you would like to visit Muffe and book an appointment you can find details of his store and what they have on offer here
Photo Credit: Johnny Frederiksen