Living the Colourful Life - Nicola Mckenna

Nicola McKenna is someone that it would be hard to say blends into the crowd. 
She works from her home in the UK running a small pet business called Home Is Where The Pug Is. You can find her on Etsy where she designs and makes accessories for dogs. You can check her out here!
Earlier this month we spoke to Nicola and asked her a little bit about herself:
LR: Who are your inspirations?

NM: My inspirations are people who bring happiness & kindness to others. My mother was my biggest inspiration, she was the strongest lady I have ever known. Sadly she is no longer with us but I was so privileged, proud and blessed to call her my mum. My other inspiration is of course my amazing little pug dog Chester who inspired me to start my online shop for pets.

LR: How would you describe your style?
NM: My style is a bit quirky, I love to wear lots of bright happy colours and I’m obsessed with matching accessories especially shoes and handbags.  
LR: What was it that first drew you to this colourful lifestyle?
NM: I think in a world that can often be quite dark I like to look on the brighter side of life which is where my love of everything  & anything colourful came from. Colour makes me happy.
LR: Why do you love Lola Ramona shoes
NM: I love Lola Ramona shoes because they offer something very different and with the most beautiful attention to detail. I have so much love for stripes & pretty bows which Lola Ramona shoes are well established for. Not to mention how comfortable they also are.
LR: Do you have any favourite pairs of our shoes?
NM: My favourite Ramona’s are of course Elsa in Candy Floss & my red stripy heeled Elsa's with the signature matching bow. I also have the  matching bags by Lola Ramona which are always so well made, stylish & elegant.

We hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit about some of the people who wear Lola Ramona and help us spread the message of dots bows and stripes to the people. 
You can find Nicola on her instagram - @livingthecolourfullife, her Twitter - @rainbowsbrite or on TicTok - @livingcolourfully.