Coco Electra - Art, tattoos and travel. A colourful Copenhagen artist tells us about her journey.

Coco's artwork
Danish born Coco Electra quickly realised that the cold and small Denmark; she dreamed of exotic countries. It didn’t take long before she escaped the cold north. During her childhood and early adult life, she frequently traveled to Greece for summer holidays. The big world quickly inspired Coco; from there a lifelong relationship with art started.
Coco and her art
Coco has painted more than hundred pieces—everything is a surface for paint. Wood, lotus leaves, walls, vintage furniture, sculptures, giant elephant figures, she will paint on everything she can get her hands on. Unsurprisingly, she is also a tattoo artist. Her art, as well as her imagination, knows no boundaries.
Coco's art
Her art is a mix of different influences she has had in her life. Although most of her work is pure imagination, she is very much inspired by the eastern world. Asia has a special place in her art. Coco’s partner in crime and son, Blaise, has accompanied Coco on her excursions around Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and many more. Its fair to say the Asian culture has truly seduced her and this has been reflected through her art. As you can imagine, Coco is a truly adventurous woman; Mountains, tropical forests, wild beaches, she has been everywhere.
Serena Urban
Coco's favourite Lola Ramona shoes... The vegan sneaks for everyday and work. I spend most of my day working on my feet, and I just love how how these combine fancy, beautiful and comfortable all into one. However I was really drawn to them because they are vegan. We need a much greater awareness of the health of our planet and we need to take great care of our fellow earth inhabitants. I also absolutely the Gringo Pilgrim boots for a party. OMG, I love how they are timeless and they will immediately teleport any style of clothes into a magic wonder world. That is right down my alley! 
Gringo Pilgrim
coco's art