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Re-Visit means: Take up again…or visit again.

We are embarking on a new line of our old and popular styles and of brand new styles that never made it past the drawing table.

Lola Ramona as you know it mainly uses leather for the designs. But as more and more are asking for vegan, it makes sense for us to try to accommodate even more inquiries by producing Revisited mainly in vegan materials. Lola Ramona Revisited is therefore where you will find the majority of our Vegan Shoes.

The rule is: If it is vegan - the text says VEGAN!

Do you want to do something that is beneficial for both animals and your feet? And would you like to try to spare animals as much as possible? At Lola Ramona, you can do a good deed for animal welfare. We sell cool vegan shoes, enabling you to make an animal-friendly decision when you buy your next pair of shoes.

What are vegan shoes?

When you live a vegan lifestyle, you reject everything that is made of and derived from animals.  This applies not only to food and drink, but also to shoes, clothes and other products made from animals. It is a lifestyle that is completely free of animal products.  

Many shoes are made of leather and other skins from animals, but there are also animal-friendly shoes. Lola Ramona offers a larger selection of cool vegan shoes, which you can wear with a good conscience. No animals have been used in any of the shoe production processes.

You do not have to eat or lead a vegan lifestyle to buy vegan shoes. Cool vegan shoes are for anyone who cares about animals and who would like a pair of quality shoes.

Choose your favourites

Cool vegan shoes are here to stay. More and more people are becoming aware that they do not want to wear shoes made of animals, and therefore, vegan models are the future of shoes.

For many years, the selection of vegan shoes has been extremely limited, but Lola Ramona has now changed this. We offer cool vegan shoes in both flat and high models. Our assortment of flat vegan shoes includes ballerinas, sandals and flat shoes with laces. If you prefer cool vegan shoes with a heel, we offer high stilettos, shoes with a closed toe and heel and shoes with a low heel.

Our cool vegan shoes come in endless colour combinations, patterns and models, so we can offer sustainable shoes for everyone.

Cool vegan shoes in vegan leather

Most people can't tell the difference between traditional shoes and vegan shoes. This is because our cool vegan shoes are made of vegan leather, which in many ways looks like animal leather.  

Vegan leather contains no animal products. This means that no animals have suffered during the production of materials for the shoes. This is beneficial to the planet's animal welfare.

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